mindy kaling- with love

dear mindy,

hello, i love you. you save me from my dark thoughts & feelings of sadness. i discovered the mindy show after a pizza-induced hulu fest. it was love at first watch. with each new episode i fell even more in love with you. i think, just maybe, you are my spirit animal. your presence on my television, phone, or computer screen instantly takes me out of a blue mood.

mindy, you’ve given me a new lease on life! you make me feel okay about my love of celebrity gossip & cake. you make me feel less self-loathing towards my thick-thighs & short stature. you’ve shown me it’s okay to be a hardworking female who pursues her interest & the loves she wants. you’re amazing. your characters are amazing, hilarious, relatable, strong women which i like to assume you are in ~*rEaL LiFe*~.

mindy kaling, i have long tried to ‘be more beyonce’ but lately i’ve been trying to ‘be more mindy’ & i’ll tell you, i like it.

next time you’re in massachusetts let’s hang out & be friends.

uncreepily yours,