Letter Writing Program

Years ago when You Are Remarkable was at its peak, (we’re trying to change that), we had a letter writing program where readers could write in to each other or receive letters from each other in hopes of spreading love and positivity. Since the last year or so has been a huge negative black cloud, we are hoping we can get this program started again.

If you’re interested, here’s what you can do:

  • Please send us an email to youareremarkablerevolution@gmail.com (yes, we know it’s a looooong email!)
  • Please place in the subject line: LETTER WRITING PROGRAM
  • Let us know if you would like to send, receive, or do both
    • senders will only send letters, NOT receive them
    • receivers will only receive letters, NOT send them
    • both will send AND receive
  • Include your name and address (We will not use these for anything other than this program and we will not match people up who live in the same city for safety purposes)
  • Include any other important information you think we should know

Letters can include writing, art, photos, etc. We just want the letters to be on the more positive side of things and PLEASE keep them decent and respectful of all different types of people. NO RACISM, SEXISM, HOMOPHOBIA, HARASSMENT OR NEGATIVE COMMENTS. If you do not feel that all human beings should be treated equally, than this is NOT the program for you. If you feel that the letters you are receiving are inappropriate, please let us know immediatey!

I hope we can get this program rolling again as it was successful last time and now more than ever, we need a world full of love and positivity.

We hope to hear from many of you and remember, YOU ARE REMARKABLE!

-YAR Team



Love Letter

Until you came and swept me away,
I taught myself not to fall in love again.

The unexplained feelings that cannot deny.
Feelings getting stronger that even genie cannot hide.

It’s like a knife strike into my chest,
Leaving a sadness that I cannot resist.
What am I supposed to do,
When all I want is to be with you.

-Eden Victoria Paladias

Love Letter

I was just sitting here thinking about how much I love you. I love you so much that if I tried to really write how much I love you, I would be constantly writing for the rest of my life.

You bring out so much in me that I’m just beginning to see. It’s like when we are together, the rest of the world disappears, and nothing else matters but us. I hope I feel this way forever. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you with everything I have to give. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve someone as loving as you are. Do you know how long I have waited to have someone like you in my life?

It wasn’t luck that brought us together. You are a blessing to me and I wouldn’t trade the way I feel about you for anything in this world. You are the reason why I smile. You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up every morning, and you are the last thing I think about every night before I close my eyes, but our time together doesn’t end there because you are the only thing I dream about. I really do want to spend the rest of my life with you if you will allow me to. Nothing is too much to give you. I feel that if you’re not happy, then the world needs to stop until you are!

Baby, I just want to thank you for loving me like you do, and I am forever in your debt, just for you being good to me. You know, it is strange how I had to go through so many bad situations before you came into my life. I guess it really is true when they say good things come to those who wait because I’ve waited for someone like you all my life, and you really are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I just want you to know that I love you so much, and I want to be with you till death do us part! I love you, Baby Girl!

I Will Keep Waiting For You

I sometimes wonder what you’re doing, or whether you are thinking of me, like I’m thinking of you. I have been thinking of you for 20 years, since the day I was born, really.

You have been elusive to me in so many ways but, because none of my objects of infatuation turned out to be you, I feel as if life sometimes may have fooled me, yet I know you are out there. I mean, how could I have seen your face and still overlooked you? Or how could I have heard your voice utter words and not have found anyone that sounded like you? Are you in the stars every time I look up? Of course you are. You are the clouds in the skies, the songs the bird sing every morning. You are everywhere, really. I know you are real. I just constantly wonder why I have not found you yet.

Why haven’t I been able to say all that I want, show you all that I am, and give you all I have now? Why is time making us wait so long? We don’t know, because this is a factor beyond our control. I will always love you, Darling, and when we finally find each other, it will be God’s greatest reward.

So, wherever you are, know that I love you and you will be the one that lurked passionately in my dreams. Know that I am always longing for you and your presence. Know that you will always be everything to me. Even though I have not yet met you yet, I love you, my spirit lover.

My Love Letter

April 23, 2016

Dear Jacob M.

I’m afraid to admit that it’s still there, the feeling I had for you. And it never went away, it’s always there hiding to come out afraid to ruin a friendship. I’m afraid, I’m also afraid to hurt myself because there’s no day that I’m hurt, there’s no day that I keep thinking if anyone really cares about me, there’s no day that I feel sad or alone, there’s no day that I want to scream or cry. There’s no day that I stop thinking about you, wishing to be with you, hearing your beautiful voice, seeing your gorgeous smile, there’s no day that I stop loving you.

There, I finally spilled it out but who the heck am I to you right? I’m just someone you know, someone you met at least three years now, a schoolmate and a friend. I know and it’s clear that I stand no chance to be in a higher position in your life, not higher than a known friend. What the heck? Even how much I tell myself things, even how much I push myself to hate you to dislike you, even how million things I think bad of you, curse you, kill you in my head every second of the day, the very last second, still tells me that I love you. See I’m crazy, maybe I need to consult a neuro, right? Because maybe I’m just hallucinating or I already have a tumor.

There’s so many things that I want to tell you, ask you. But I’m clueless now. And I know you’re also clueless of all of this because that’s you. I want to tell you how much I want to hug you, how badly I want to talk with you, listen to your voice, to sit beside you and how badly I want to see you every day. And I want to ask how’s your day? I want to greet you good morning, good night. I want to have lunch and dinner with you. I want to know you more. And I want to ask if I stand a chance to be not just a friend, not just a classmate, not just someone you know, but someone who will be there for you in your good or bad days, I want to be that someone who will freely and proudly cheer for you when you have games, someone who will listen to your problems, someone who’ll share your success and even failure, someone who’ll be a part of you. But who am I kidding??? It will be a very, big, huge, gigantic miracle to happen. It’s just me, having my hopes up for someone impossible, something will never happen in this lifetime.

But even how impossible things can be, I’m just here for you. Maybe you’re not aware or you even don’t know I exist in that kind of matter. But I’m happy for you, I’ll be happy for what makes you happy. I’ll just be proudly cheering you in the corner, I’ll just be giving you good luck and happy thoughts in a distance, and I’ll just be here behind you, always.

And I’ll just love you from a distance


A Love Letter

You always complain that I can’t make up my mind. It’s true, but it still drives me crazy. All I know, is that when you ask me what I want, one thing stays in the back of my mind. It’ll never happen, but it’s there. All I want is your hands in my hair, my back against the wall, and no cares in the world but us. All I want is you.

Love Letter

I painfully love you. I know we will never ever be together, but I sincerely wish you knew how gradually my love for you is killing me and making me die slowly day after day.

We used to be able to talk and joke together. We used to look at each other without any soupçon of malaise when discussing our work. You would advise me on how to carry out my duties and I always felt comfortable asking you any questions when I was unsure. You would always have something nice to say.

Every second you were in my presence were the most beautiful. Without you knowing, I would discreetly make love to you and still without you knowing, I would close my eyes for a brief moment and feel you as close to me as possible.

Without you knowing, I fell for you. I fell for the most delicious heart. Without you knowing, I fell and the pain has now become so unbearable because one day it all stopped and this is when it all changed.

You started avoiding my gaze when we occasionally met and you gradually stopped talking with me. Me, I started longing, wanting and missing you so much that thinking of you now only brings me sadness, tears and a broken heart.

I will never know what your lips taste of, how beautiful your scent is, how warm your body feels against mine and how tight and long you could hold me against your chest.

All I know is that I am loving you alone and I have never felt so lonely. I just wish you knew.

Love Letter

Dear Angela,

This isn’t the first letter that I’m writing to you and I know it is not the last. I can’t stop writing to you, because that is who I am- boy desperately in love with you, so full of words and poems for you. My emotions are too big, I can’t tame them in myself, I need to at least put them on the paper. You remember who I was when we first met? Just a reckless boy which shameless broke too many hearts. And you were so pure. I remember you were making me smile. But I don’t remember which moment was when I start wishing you were mine. I didn’t want to posses you. I wanted to you belong to me volunteering and endlessly. And I wanted to I belong to you. I fall in love, I don’t know when, maybe some early morning at 4AM while I didn’t want to sleep because talking to you was just prettier than any dream. You made me shiver without even touching me, with just couple of sweet words. And in middle of madness, loving you is what bringing me peace.

In the nights when I don’t have you, I still don’t regret. I would do all again, in a heart beat. The way you made me feel is worth of every hurt. I’m just hopping that I made you feel at least half same.

Forever yours,

Love Letter

Your beauty could start a war, and I’d be the first one fighting. I remember the first time I met you and your blue eyes and bad knee. It felt like up until I met you I’d been stumbling. I wanted to study the geography of your skin, I wanted your love to wash over me like the weather. I don’t think theres a word for how I feel towards you. I would be yours if you asked. Theres no one on this earth I’d rather be with at two in the morning or two in the afternoon. Theres no one I’d rather stay up all night dancing with, no one I’d rather wake up next to. I would spend all my time with you if I could. You’re the sound a dress makes when it twirls, you’re late night drives, you’re coffee in the morning, you’re anything that anyone could ever aspire to be. Maybe it’s something in you lips that I’ve never kissed, maybe it’s something in your touch that I’ve never felt, maybe it’s the way you say “I love you” that I’ve never heard. Whatever it is, I pray you never lose it. At the end of the day I hope you know I love you even if I could never say it. I hope that you’re back in your hotel room after a day spent chasing your dreams, I hope your listening to all your favorite songs and I hope you’re not lonely. I hope you remember I love you forever and always where ever you go. I hope you know I would swim over oceans for you.

-Samantha Sullivan

Love Letter


Ours isn’t an orthodox ‘love’. I can’t say that from the moment I met you I knew you’d be my heart’s content. I can barely recall the events of that fateful evening other than the liquid courage that got me to put my lips on yours.

But you… Your smile is literal sunshine to my soul. Seeing those bright, white teeth always makes my worst day better. I try so hard to fight it but your voice, sexy and sultry, makes my heart beat race and my knees weak. Being in your presence, simply looking at your entire being is enough for me.

I hate how you’re always trying to act tough; it’s okay not to be okay sometimes, to be fragile. You pull me in the most when you’re genuine and you bare your raw emotions. I don’t want you to be ashamed of who you are.

When I’m not daydreaming, I’m night-thinking of what we could be, although I’m constantly interrupted by obstacles that my paranoia foresees. Or your riddles and roundabouts when it comes to showing affection. If you have any feelings for me then tell me honestly.

“It’s dangerous to need someone that much. You’re trying to save him and he’s hoping you can. You two are a disaster.” Occasionally I feel like any future for us is destined to fail; but if you’re ready and willing I would fully devote myself to you.

Just say the words and I am yours.


To read more of her work, you can visit her blog Turquoise Lily Pad.

Love Letter

I’m so in love with you, and I don’t know how to not love you. I met you a year and seven months ago and every single one of those days I loved you and I will continue to love you until I know in my heart I don’t love you anymore. When we were a thing or what not, I would talk about you to my best friend all the time. She would tell me to shut up sometimes because I could go on and on and on and on about you. I’ve never in my life met anyone quite like you. To this day in still so infatuated with you. You never seize to amaze me. everything about you I’m so in love with. I think about you so much during the day it’s not even funny. Something someone would say or even a certain smell would make me think about you: wondering if you’re happy, if you’re ok and who’s making you happier than I did, more importantly, if you still loved me and if there was ever going to be another chance with us. I think about all of that all the time.

You are the only guy that has ever made me feel the way you do. You could break my heart and I would still have nothing but positive things to say about you. That’s how I knew I loved you. I stated to make excuses For you when I knew somewhere deep down that you don’t deserve me… but I felt like I deserved you and that’s what hurts. Some days I will go to your contact and start to write a message, but at the last second I would delete it because you might actually be really happy with a significant other. I pray every day for you and that you are genuinely happy with life, even if I’m not apart of it. I didn’t want to mess that up and take a chance if there wasn’t one with us. Other days, I tell myself that when the times right, it’ll happen. I always wish that you will text me randomly and tell me you love me and ask if I thought there was a chance because I always think about me asking you if we had a chance and me always thinking about if we did start over how much better I would try and make it and how happy I would be. I love you. I will forever.

Love Letter

Missy Kenyon,

I love you!
It’s not a feeling in my stomach.
It’s not something I fell into.
I met you, I liked you.
We talked and we laughed.
We danced awkwardly but then it happened.
We connected, I touched your hand and you touched my heart.
We spent hours on the phone.
Revealing the layers of our beings.
The good, the mistakes, and the skeletons.
We experienced each other, the kisses, the intimate touches, our souls joined together with each encounter.
And now, I choose to love you.
You’re not perfect but I love you.
I love your past, I love your present and I want to love our future.
I love you.
It’s the choice I made.

-Bruce Bean

Love Letter

I like you.

Of course, at first, I didn’t know you. If only did not Kuya show me your photo he labelled Jessica Sanchez, I would never do. At my first stares, you look like her. I’m not fond of Jessica, but your similarity is interesting.

One time I asked if there’s anyone who could help me out naming the pictures in your block. I did not have that authoritative voice so none heard me, but you and your friend. Oh, that made me smile, only containing gratitude.

Barely i can remember how i knew your name nor even know why I have to know it. If this is crush I am feeling , I am sure this will be gone later. This circumstance had happened a lot of times in the past.

I have to admit that every time you pass I steal a glance, every time I catch a glimpse of your face you make my eyes fixed, but I don’t open it with anybody, even with my closest friends. It’s just they know me.

The teasing started then, so I decided not to deny. The whole class learned it, so what? I kept dancing with the rhythm of their jokes, as well as dancing with the days I saw you. However, literally, I don’t dance. That was a good proof you’re just a crush. I don’t dance when I am in love, I sing.

Though the slightest notion of You-Being-With-Me didn’t occur to me, because I wasn’t that dreaming, I was surprised I asked your number from Choipée.

My past heart issues resurfaced. I hate it. Why people are too nosy? At fist I get mad because talking about what’s already thrown away is annoying. But now, it’s because it may ruin my new heart issues. When you saw my old photos with Her because of their insensitivity, I was truly embarrassed.

I tried to stop these corny stuffs. Stressed with my studies and more, I fought off these thoughts. I distracted myself.

I was not disappointed when Ate told me you had had boyfriend. I was disappointed when I found out shortly you had broken up. Texting you made me feel like I want to comfort you, though I didn’t overdo it. To tell you, I always remind you to call me kuya, but I like it when you don’t.

It was sincere when I made your fan sign, when I compliment you. It was nerve-shaking when we sat together for a real conversation. I was speechless. But the feeling is beautiful…

I don’t like another love story, really, but you came. And that is what is hard. I work hard to stop this feeling because I am afraid I may hurt you later. When we had our next-to-last rehearsal for the Christmas concert, i watched you, frozen. The stars hung around posts and trees are bright, but they’re dimmed by your lovely cat-like eyes. That was the day I realized you actually don’t look like Jessica. You are far prettier than she is.

We didn’t have any picture during the concert. No picture, ever. Until I found out we have one, stolen the day we first talked. That’s enough.

We parted with no good-byes because I didn’t attend the Christmas Party. But I guess, that’s just fine. I am so stupid, so afraid of what I don’t know. I just tell these things for you to know that you inspired someone. These are only words, I know, it’s OK to believe they’re merely lies. But you know, I started singing many days ago.

I really like you.

Gibson Perez

Bonjour, Bonjour!

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YAR Team

Fixing Us

I thought I was doing the right thing, you know. In a weird way, it felt like something I had to do. I had to cut myself off – for both of our sakes, because there was nothing more I could do for you. We played the same game, fought the same fights round after round and both of us seemed to lose every time. I couldn’t bear to watch us destroy ourselves anymore. I was done, played out. Confused, exhausted, angry, hurt and everything in-between.

I’d always assumed that we’d carry on the way we were forever, you know. We were Monica and Rachel, Blair and Serena. A team. We’d walked the same paths together, lived the same things, carried each other and stood side by side and hand in hand for most of our lives.

But we began to fade. Slowly at first, but then we spiralled deeper and deeper out of control and out of love.

Maybe it was your fault.

Maybe it was mine.

I’m sure we’d blame each other.

You spoke a different language that I was tired of having to translate. Somewhere in the labyrinth of your mind, I lost my way. You changed the route – the one I was always so sure of- and I was left alone. That’s when I decided that I couldn’t fix you, and that part of me didn’t want to.

In each other’s eyes we saw different things, and I wasn’t sure I liked my own reflection.

So I gave up: on you, on us. On everything we had and hadn’t yet become. It seemed easier that way, like ripping off a plaster in one go, to just get it over with. They do say a clean cut heals faster. But ours was far from clean.

We had everything, and yet nothing to say to each other. Always hidden behind screens, terrified by the bruises we might leave. I wanted you to hear me, but the words caught in my throat and left a bitter taste on my tongue. Like disappointment. Cutting myself off from you, I thought, would stop me from getting hurt, but those same cuts ran deeper and frustration spilled from them and stained my clothes.

For the first time in my life you made me vulnerable. I was scared of myself and the things I was thinking, the way I was feeling. But most of all, I resented you. Because you didn’t do the thing I thought you would. You didn’t act the way I wanted you to,

I pushed you away because I expected you not to let me. I wanted you to choose me, to choose us.

But you didn’t.

So I stopped trying, and tried to stop caring. My wires were exposed and your hands were made of knives. It was too risky for me to take another chance and I didn’t think you were worth it anymore. You weren’t the same person, but what I failed to realise is that neither was I.

Do you know what made me come back to you? You were just as surprised as I was to see me, so suddenly and out of the blue, holding a white flag in the midst of no mans land, carefully treading over the growing cracks in our relationship and trying to build a bridge.

I remembered New Years Day, waking up alone in the bed we were supposed to share because I thought you were going to throw up from all the vodka jelly and jager you promised my mother you wouldn’t have. How you read the message from the boy I’d told I loved him the night before because I couldn’t bear to do it. The sadness in your eyes when you said it’s lovely, but I don’t think it’s what you wanted to hear. You hugged me and we drank tea and chatted over hazy memories of laughter and buttered toast on my kitchen floor. I remembered that and thought, you were the person that was there for me in one of my weakest moments. When the illusion I’d created for myself came crashing down, it was you stood with the dustpan and brush offering to sweep me up. And it made me wonder why I could do the same for you just one more time.

I’m sorry I put you on pedestal and then punished you when you couldn’t reach.

I’m sorry that I expected too much of you and I’m sorry that I left you when you needed me the most.

When we’re young, everything is so clear cut, so definite. Good and bad. Right and wrong.

But as we grow older, that line merges. The sea of morality becomes murkier, dirtier, and we can no longer see our toes in the sand underneath. We become uprooted, unstable, swept away by a tidal wave of emotion. Because we’re human. We make mistakes. It’s what we do best.

We were a tropical storm, you and I. But we passed.

I promise you that, slowly, I’ll try and fix us, but only if you promise to let me.

-Amy Beecham
To read more of Amy’s writing, visit her blog The Girl and the Words.

Love Letter

Chilling under the stars
Picnics under the Morula tree
Road trips with no maps
Pure hugs
Solid love

Hand-picked wild flowers
Mud races (hahahaaa)
Walks to the park
Jogs home
Running into each other’s arms
Held hands

Text messages
Random calls
Little notes
Mailed letters

Movie marathons
No make-up, track pants on days
Make-up, home cooked dinner dates
Passing out moments on the sofa

Honesty in the toughest times
Deepest secrets told
Laughter shared
Pain unveiled
Wounds healed

Trust earned
Life lived
Memories made
Moments shared
With the world at our feet
And you beside me

Missed mirror dates
Untamed diary entries
Reluctant talks about it all

I love you.

-Caroline Boitumelo

Love Letter

I remember the first day I see you. You were the only person I saw in the crowded place. The sparkle in your eyes was equivalent to a million stars. Then we met. I was taken back by your smile & the words you spoke. If I could I would take that smile and inject it directly into my blood stream. Maybe it takes time for people to fall in love but with you it was inevitable for me. My hands were shaking. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I guess the irony about this situation is that we were only ever friends, sometimes maybe more. We look at each other like we’re about to kiss. And those lips seemed too good to be true. How you kissed me at that night. I miss the way we sleep. Like there’s no sunrise. Like the taste of your smile. I miss the way we breathe. You receive your collage confirmation when we’re together. You were going 6905.87 miles away from me. I just remember holding your hand realizing how much it was going to hurt when I would have to let it go. You are a drug I’ve become addicted to and it hurts that I can’t be with you. The only thing that satiates the craving is your laugh, your smile and your words. I want to scratch at my skin when you’re not around. I’m coming down from high, that’s exactly what it feels like. Not being allowed to touch you is complete torture. It’s funny how I through I was good at hiding my feelings, but then strangers started asking me why I looked so tired and that’s when I realized you didn’t care enough to notice. A lot of me was lost in you. And now the dreams about you make me want to stay asleep forever. You said “keep me in your dreams until you see me.” I keep you every night. Because you’re mine in nights. At night I always imagine you laying here with me, with your arms around me and your body pressed up against me, it helps me sleep. You said, “You’re beautiful.” I looked up at you like you’re the world and you just think I’m beautiful. Miles away. I really can’t believe I’m here and how I still care about you. And every day I think of all the words I never said. I don’t care if I drown in all the feelings I have for you because I swear you’re made flowers grow in my lungs although they are beautiful I can’t breathe without you here anyway. You said you’ve been to the shadows I hope one day we’ll go beyond that. And now we don’t even talking. I though you would miss me like you used to. But in the end I’m the one who is missing you more than ever. You’re not here. It’s hard to look at other faces when I only want to see yours. I never told you but I fell in love with you like the stars fell in love with the sky, without you I’m empty and bare. I love you too much to let you think I can live without you. And if I don’t meet you no more in this world, then I’ll meet you in the next one. Don’t be late A…

-Ceren Toprak

Love Letter

My dear friend,

Thank you very much for accepting me as your friend. I can’t find words to tell you about my gratefulness. May our friendship grow day by day more and more. I have not met you before but, you are in my heart forever. Please reply me with an email and I am expecting too..

Thanking you.
Always with Love.

-Krishna Hegde

Love Letter

You held me when I cried, held me together – put me back together. I got your nice blue shirt all wet as a summer storm with a year’s worth of sadness. But, didn’t I just meet you in the yard full of crying people and her baby that asked, since she didn’t have a daddy or mommy any more, if you could be her daddy now? You swept her up and said, “Of course,” while you hugged and held her together, and you looked over her sobbing shoulder at me, sitting on the steps. And, suddenly it was like we’d always known each other, somehow. You say we have. I couldn’t remember. Everything immediate, happening and unhappening. Life so messy, it won’t compartmentalize. You so undaunted, always found something to talk to me about. And, I liked it so much. Even though I wasn’t supposed to…we had other lives we brought in with us with other people inside them, messy and won’t compartmentalize. But, was it any consequence? But, once they crossed, our paths kept entwining. You, so insistent. And, soon enough, I didn’t want you to leave me alone, ever…I wondered if the future would save you for me. I can never see that far. And, I wondered if it mattered.

There’s supposed to be a breathing space between lives…clean finish, start the next fresh. Good for everyone, so messy not minding their places. You kept getting up into mine, and I didn’t want it to end. And, they were foretelling the future, saying you wanted one with me. I can never see that far…and in trying invite hopes so high that fall so hard. So much happening and unhappening. For as long as I could stand, I held it back to make a space, imaginary and fleeting as a line in the sand. But you deserve a space, you who held me together when nobody else could. Do you even know what you did for me?

And, finally I let you in, not planned or neatly, but as messy and unplanned as when we met. I felt unlocked and set free to be swept up, put back together. But, I don’t know if the future saved you for me. I can never see that far…but I will watch until I can see you no more. One of us moving away from the happening unhappening. And, I wondered if it mattered. Who will hold me together now? Me, so messy and not minding my places…

Love Letter

Dear S,

In my 25 years of existence, I never imagined myself falling in love with you..maybe this letter can’t explain how much I love you, teds, loving you is the most beautiful thing that happened to me, I love the way you make me smile in your very silly moments, the way you care for me, i love the way you love your family, and your creative ideas, your cooking and photography skills.
I love the way you make me smile,How I wish I could turn back time.. when the time that you’re in love with me.. how I wish that you could love me the way that I love you now.. how i wish that you could just let me love you the way you deserve to be love.. how I wish that all my wishes will be come true someday.. but, I know that’s impossible.. you asked me once who is my “best I ever had”.. it was you and it is still you…I want you in my life not as my best friends, but as my partner in life.. should I wait for you? or should I just let you go.. should I give it a fight? Or just accept the fact that we’re not really meant for each other? I have a lot of things that I wanted to tell you but I know that when I do it again, our friendship will be ruin and I don’t want to risk it again.. as I write this letter right now, repeatedly listening a Christina Peri song with a title of “Arms” … I hope that you will see right through my walls, I hope that you’ll catch me cause I’m already falling.. I tried my best to never let you in to see the truth.. I love you a lot and it hurts me big time, knowing that we can never be anything more than a best friend..


Love Letter

I have collected all our letters, notes and diaries, which were written by ourselves, since high school. It has been 9 years. It’s more than one month since she leaves. She’s holding those papers, wishing she will forgive my stupid things. Leaving my hometown just for her. Now in this huge city, it’s strange that I am so lonely, but true. She will make up my days, enjoy street foods with me, hug me… hopefully you can do something magical.

-Minh Phan