Depression does not equal sadness. For some people, maybe it does. For me, it very much does not. I think the stereotype that depressed people are laying in bed all day, weeping, is inaccurate. When i’m depressed there isn’t one tear to cry.

For me, depression equals hopelessness or, as my friend and I refer to it, the hollows.

Depression creeps up like autumn does in September. You feel the warm days giving way to chilly nights & start to fear the winter. You feel it in your soul.

Depression sneaks in slowly and then all at once. It’s a wave that crashes over you & steals the warmth from your bones.

Depression steals the sun from the sky.
Depression steals who you have known yourself to be.
Depression leaves you a shell of a person you can’t even remember being.

slow show.

It’s autumn and the trees are putting on their best show. Their colours line the roads and bright reds, oranges, yellows dot the landscape. We find comfort in their performance and in warm tea. It’s time for us to ready our performance. Today’s the day. Reach your hands high & steal some confidence from the cosmos. push your feet deep into the earth & suck up the stability of the earth. Breathe deep and let the wonder of the universe fill your lungs. Close your eyes & let the warmth of your existence radiate off of you. Open your bright eyes & give the creator’s a glimpse into your soul. Today, lean over to your lover, & tell them a secret. Get it off of your chest. Feel that freedom of release. today, write yourself a love letter; address each freckle, each scar. This is your time.