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Tea Hacic, also known as Sugartits, is a magnificent self-help guru on Tumblr and many other places. She gives unique advice about growing up, love, sex, and of course life. When Tea isn’t answering questions, she is a writer for Vice, WIRED, and Bullet Media. If that weren’t enough, Tea also has a show on Bullet TV called “Everything is Embarrassing.” Tea isn’t your typical writer, especially because she sometimes writes in Italian, but also because she isn’t afraid to say what everyone else is trying to hide. She is a spit fire who answers life’s terrifying questions and does so with big eyes, red lips, and a hair flip. Check her out, fall in love, and enjoy your daily dose of Tea on her Instagram.

What’s your name?
Tea Hacic

How old are you?

How old do you feel?

What makes you feel remarkable?
My writing and my butt.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again?
I get dressed up and drunk.

Where do you think love hides?
In shitty bars.

When do you feel most loved?
Hugging my husband.

What inspired you to put yourself out there on the internet?

Do you receive much negativity on your tumblr site? if so, how do you deal with it?
I surprisingly haven’t gotten much negativity!! When I do, I remember that people willing to waste time sending hate to strangers have their own problems and you shouldn’t take what they say seriously.

What is your favourite rainy day activity?
Watching cartoon network and eating cereal.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about people?
The way they laugh at things. The way they keep waking up and getting up and doing stuff even though life is hard.

When you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind?
My mama!

When you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears?
The sound of my husband saying, “Amore!” when he wants beer.

When you started your tumblr what were your expectations?
I expected to get a few eyes and a few readers.

Did you expect to become such a self-help goddess?
I had no idea that would happen! I just wanted to share my stories.

What makes you feel hope?
Space. Knowing how small and stupid we all are.

Who do you think is a remarkable person?
A single mom.

How much do you think you’ve changed in the last ten years?
I’ve changed tremendously in that I’ve stopped torturing myself. I’ve discovered who I am as an artist and how to not over-pluck my eyebrows.

What is the best thing that has happened to you in the last year?
I moved to New York!

Where do you get your confidence?
From daydreaming about what I wish I could do.

Why do you think feminism is important?
Because women deserve to have at least the same basic human rights as men! Duh!

How did you find your inner goddess/gaga/beyonce?
By listening to the right music.

What are your favorite things?
Cartoons, chocolate and the way my eyes look after a night of drinking and crying.

Where do you live?
New york.. It’s busy and fast like a slutty teenager.

What should others do to make the world a better place?
Be nice to each other.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t give up!

What is one piece of advice you would tell your high-school self?
You’re good enough.

How do you deal with failure?
I push through it.

What’s the most recent random act of kindness you’ve witnessed?
Someone giving ten dollars to a street performer.

When will your book finally come out!?
As soon as I find a reliable publisher! I have decided to name the book “Just The Tip,” so that’s some progress.

Any final last words for our readers?
I love you!

Fox Pflueger












Fox Pflueger is perhaps the most remarkable human being. From being a performer and artist to being an actor and all-around goddess, Fox spreads colorful joy wherever she goes. Her aura and clothing radiate beautiful hues of lavender and purple and when she isn’t parading around Melbourne in the Colour Parade or doing photoshoots for LunaSea Creations, she can be found getting shit done on her blog Consider It Did. Make sure to also check out her Instagram for a daily dose of color and beauty.

What’s your name? Fox Pflueger

How old are you? Twenty-four

What makes you feel remarkable? Knowing that I have the opportunity to do anything and be anything that I want to be.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again? 
Be active. Going for a walk, or a swim or having a dance. Movement does wonderful things for the mind.

Where do you think love hides? Inside of every person’s ability to love themselves.

When do you feel most loved? 
When I truly and unconditionally love myself. All other kinds of love flow my way when that happens.

What inspires most of your writing? 
Experiences and people. Life is one big funny poem.

What is your favorite rainy day activity? Staying in bed, drinking tea and cuddling.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about people? 
Empathy, generosity and kindness.

When you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind? 
Vast green landscapes.

When you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears? The breeze in the trees, wind chimes and songbirds.

What makes you feel hope? Knowing that everyone wants the best for themselves and everyone else.

Who do you think is a remarkable person? My mother.

Where do you get your confidence? Knowing that what other people think of me is none of my business, so I should just do whatever I want because I need not worry what anyone else thinks.

What are your favorite things? My cat, but he is hardly a thing, more like a friend. My bed, my journal, and the opal ring my great aunt gave me.

Where do you live? 
Uncle Zane’s, Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Earth, The Milky Way, The Known Universe.

Tell us about your part of the world: There are alleyways behind all of the houses full of overhanging fruit trees, if you walk along them for long enough you can get almost anywhere you’d need to go; cafes, studios, galleries, and the homes of my friends.

What should others do to make the world a better place? Listen to their hearts and speak the loving truth.

How do you deal with failure? Knowing that everything happens for a reason, that if one thing doesn’t work out that it is a lesson or a doorway to my ultimate destiny.

What’s the most recent random act of kindness you’ve witnessed? A few of my friends have been going to a studio almost every day, purely out of kindness and a desire to be helpful, to make sunsets out of old receipts to be the set in a show that is being devised for Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Zachary Schomburg

Zachary Schomburg has a way with words. He twists them into extraordinary things. He takes old words & makes them new. Have you heard of him? No, no, no? Well you must do yourself a favor & purchase one of his books. Your heart will swell, your heart will burst, your heart won’t know what to do. His book The Man Suit is a personal favorite which has been purchased & gifted several times. It’s a book you truly must own. You can learn more about Zachary on his blog & make sure to check out his other books. Go, go, go! He’s an inspiration to our writing, so let us pick his heart & find out what makes him tick.

Who is the most remarkable person you know personally, and why do you think so? Emily Kendal Frey. She has a strange capacity for poetry, a brain that moves like a kite. And her entire body is filled with her heart. Her heart is like a cream filling. She wrote Airport and has about ten other manuscripts that will be great books in this next decade. You heard me.

Where does love hide? Love hides in a closet. A real closet–not a metaphorical one. It’s a closet somewhere, maybe in Canada or some place like that. It’s underneath a pile of sweatshirts and some trophies. The house has been demolished so we just have to imagine it. We all just have to do our best recreating it.

When was the last time everything felt perfect? Things feel perfect in small exact moments. These are moments that last a few seconds, when I recognize the perfection, often while reading or writing, or during sexual intercourse, or painting and listening to music, maybe sharing a beer. So, not too long ago.

When you think of the word ‘beautiful,’ what’s the first thing to come to mind? Giraffe.

What is your favorite thing to do to keep warm on a cold day? I love taking showers. It’s like my favorite thing. I’d shower, and probably wouldn’t even bother with soaping myself.

What do you think would be the sound of you making magic? A flapping cape? Or the sound of peeling off wet tree bark maybe.

What inspires you? Oh man. That’s hard to pinpoint. There’s not much that doesn’t. Malls don’t. I know that. Malls suck.

What is your favourite smell? I kind of like the smell of feet. Or maybe, more generally, I could say I love the smell of bodies. Bodies.

Can you define the word “remarkable”? Yeah, pretty easily.

Leslie Hall

What is there to say about Leslie Hall? What isn’t there to say? She’s amazing, she’s fun, she’s fashionable, & she’s a sure fire way to get you out of that bad mood. How could you stay sad while watching this? Leslie is a diva from Iowa who is known for her gem sweater collection as well as her tight jams & appearances on Nick Jr’s Yo Gabba Gabba! Leslie even doesweddings! This girl does it all & she does it while looking hip as ever. If you’re feeling low, please go to her youtube site & watch each & every video up nice & loud. dance a little, you won’t be able to resist. Put on your tightest pants & shake your bum. Email Leslie: and make sure to check out her website!

What makes you feel wonderful? Eating, TV and not being constipated.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again? Drink lots of water, try not to stress out and watch hoarders or intervention.

Where do you think love hides? In crotches of attractive people.

When do you feel most loved? Cuddling.

How do you come up with most of your songs? Mostly i sing about real life day to day. I don’t get to fictional which helps me relate to my fellow wacky attackies.

Where do you think the clearest? Ames, Iowa in front my computer. That’s a great question because I can only do a few things there and ONLY THERE

What is your favourite rainy day activity? How many questions do I need to answer with TV? TV!

What made you want to start doing weddings? Iowa is on of the most amazing states ever because they know love is love is love and I wanted in on that love.

What has been your best wedding experience so far? Besides having it be a real wedding, I would say one couple ruined a hotel conference room in the name of love and drunkenness. That was quite a sight.

Do you ever feel insecure? Not really. I know what I’m good at and know what I’m not good at. Why feel bad?

What would you say to someone who feels ‘stuck’ in their life, job, relationship, etc.? Stay with it as long as you want. Change is hard but when your ready it will be worth it.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about people? Some people are so nice. I have to say that always amazes me.

Self-acceptance is a big message of YAR. Do you have any advice on that? I’m not preaching or proving anything.  All I do is dance when I’m not a great dancer and wear clothes that are too tight.

How was performing on & with Yo Gabba Gabba? Absolutely a highlight in my career. TV is soooo much FUN!

When you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind? Happy smiles.

When did you find your style niche?  I did experiment for a few years, but I really like staying in this one gold, white belt bubble. I wanna thank salvation army.

When you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears? Cuddling humans or cats. I enjoy both.

Do you craft the clothes in your videos? Yes and also my mom makes the costumes; it’s a family affair.

What do you do when you feel uninspired? Actually I don’t try to do anything creative. I never like to push it cause then I get crappy songs or I sew a quilt that won’t keep me warm.

Anything else you would like to share with the readers? If they are reading this I hope they liked it and if they wanna be friends I’m totally around!


Dallas Clayton

Dallas Clayton is an artist living in Los Angeles who writes children’s books, draws and creates art daily, and travels the world for inspiration. Make sure to check out Dallas’s website so you can visit his online shop and blog!

What makes you feel wonderful? My son, My friends, meeting new people, having new experiences.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again? It doesn’t take much, maybe just look up at the sky or out at the city and realize how little control we have, and how much more there is to do.

Where do you think love hides? In plain sight.

When do you feel most loved? When I wake up.

What inspires most of your writing? My desire to make people happy.

What is your favourite rainy day activity? It doesn’t rain in Los Angeles. That’s why I live here.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about people? The ability to try, fail, then try again.

When you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind? My son.

When you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears? Children’s laughter.

What is your favourite thing about being a dad? The hugs.

What is your favourite thing about being an artist? No alarm clock.

Why did you write AN AWESOME BOOK & did you expect it to be such a smash hit? I wrote it because it seemed like it would be really fun and I wanted something to read to my son. Something I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I didn’t think it would be such a smash hit, but I’m glad it is. Very happy indeed.

Anything else you’d like to share? I’m setting up a foundation which will allow me to visit schools, children’s hospitals, shelters, and camps all over the world give away books to children, read to them and talk to them about their hopes and dreams. The foundation will be called Awesome World. I should have everything finalized in the coming month. I’m very excited!



How often do you sit at home racking your brain for something exciting to do? How often do you get together with a friend & debate back & fourth over who will decide a fun activity? The wonderful people at ABC ADVENTURES now have a cure! Visit their blog & see all the wonderful beautiful things you can do with your free time (from A-Z!)

What makes you feel wonderful? Liz Adventure: The small things that we all get to see and be a part of every day. Things like getting mail, or changing the station and finding Queen or David Bowie on the radio and getting to belt your heart out, freeway romances, 40’s and 50’s fashion (particularly the dresses) and white blouses… I really love white blouses. Brian Adventure: Creating things! If I don’t practice an instrument or write a piece or make something every single day, I don’t feel right. ABC Adventures in general has been a great source of feeling wonderful too. Not only do I get to go out and do fun, strange things with my friends, but we get to share it to a world that has open ears! Knowing that someone else might even get a few minutes of fun out of our blog feels incredible.

What makes you feel beautiful? Liz Adventure: My confidence, my brain, my sense of humor, my friends, and my family. I think the combination of these things working together are the foundation for how I see myself. Brian Adventure: Smiling and waving to complete strangers. There’s that moment where they just look kinda cockeyed and smile/wave back and wonder, “Do I know him?” It’s an easy way to make someone smile, and you might just meet a new friend too.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do or say to make yourself feel good again again? 
Liz Adventure: It varies from occasion to occasion, and similarly, it varies from the silly to serious. Sometimes the fix is to don a false moustache, but sometimes a nap will help, or merely talking myself out my sub-par mood because there is too damn much in this world that is good to dwell on the things that would make you think otherwise. Brian Adventure: Lately, I listen to Johnny Cash. His music feels incredibly sincere and I feel like there’s a song for every situation you could possibly be in. After an hour of his music I almost always feel 10x better.

Where does love hide? Liz Adventure: Love hides in the loveliest places, of course! Love hides just around door frames, and in the bottoms of seemingly empty bottles, in flower patches, down long, twisting roads, and most importantly, in every single one of us. Brian Adventure: Everywhere you aren’t looking! And by the time you’ve thought of looking there, it has moved on to somewhere new. I firmly believe that you can’t look for it, that it just drops in your lap one day and looks up at you with a smile on its face and says “TA-DA!”

When do you feel most loved? 
Liz Adventure: When I am pursuing my goals and dreams. I feel love from the universe and it flows through me in the form of a huge smile, twinkles in my eyes, and mischief abounding. Brian Adventure: When I’m around my good friends, or when I hear from old friends who I thought had forgotten about me.

What is your favourite part about being in TEAM ADVENTURE? 
Liz Adventure: My favorite part about being an Adventure is the diversity of activities that this project has brought my way. I feel that far too often, we (everyone) will make plans to hang out with a friend. So you meet up and then one of you says: “So, what do you wanna do?” And the other says “Mmm, I dunno… do you maybe wanna go get food or something?” “Yeah, OK.” And so it goes. Now when we (Team Adventure) hang out, we instantly pull out the list and say, “What can we do today?” This project has become self-prophesizing, because it’s never the same old thing when we hang out… it’s always something new Brian Adventure: I sorta mentioned this up there already, but it’s definitely the combination of always having something awesome/fun to do with my friends and the fact that we can share that fun with other people in all parts of the world.

What was your favourite ABC adventure? Liz Adventure: While we post every three days, we often knock out multiple adventures in one day. If we didn’t do it this way, we would never be able to update as often as we do. At the beginning of our magical journey of adventures, we spent one beautiful day taking care of a bunch. We played on swings, had a picnic, blew bubbles with little kids, pretended we were ninjas, donned moustaches, climbed trees, let go of hopes and dreams and secrets on balloons, and left the YOU ARE AMAZING note over the freeway overpass. That was such a spectacular day, so all of those adventures are very dear to me. Also, as I remember, this was the first day on which our idea had become a reality and we were giddy with happiness by the end of it.  The squirt gun duel was a lot of fun as well, actually. It was another adventure that made us feel giddy. The kind of giddy that wears you out and makes you want to fall asleep in a pile of friends — just like puppies do!
Brian Adventure: Either playing in a fountain or squirt gun duel. They were both just so ridiculous and wet, and neither of us expected to have the immense amount of fun that we did on each of them.

What are the future plans for team adventure? Liz Adventure: Well, at the moment the plan is just to keep adventuring. I am going off to Europe for a year soon, so we’re trying to get lots done before my departure. However, this is by no means the end of things. I would love to meet up with fans in Europe and have adventures/make new friends over there. Brian will of course continue to update from Arizona, I will update when I can, and once reunited we will continue to adventure together. Some people have said that we should make a book, which I would love to do, especially seeing as ABC Adventures began as an idea to have a sort of adventure scrapbook. I think the blog needs to gain some more loyal readers before this would be reasonable, but given time, who knows!! If we were able to publish a book, it’d be an absolute dream come true. Brian Adventure: Now that summer has arrived, Liz and I are going to be out adventuring as much as possible in the next month. She is (very very sadly) leaving to Europe for a year in June. At this point, we’re not positive how the blog will work out given the amount of distance between us, but we’re going to try as hard as we can to keep it going.


Joey Comeau

Joey Comeau has a way with words. Everything he writes is golden because his words travel from your eyes, to your brain, & settles right in your bones.  Joey is the co-creator of the web comic A Softer World & when you finish reading the comic, usually a sentence or two, your mind still thinks about the character whose thoughts or words you have just read. His words are brilliant & so are the worlds he creates with them. Joey has written seven books & each are so very different, but original. He writes horror stories, adventure stories, resumes, he writes about gender & sexuality, and he writes about family. Read this interview, soak it in, & then read everything joey has ever written. Go!

What makes you feel wonderful? if you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again? I’ll answer these two questions together. Eating candy in my bedroom makes me feel wonderful. It’s not healthy, and I always eat too much, but right up until my body revolts – it’s wonderful. Buying DVDs and books makes me feel wonderful. I used to worry about that, worry that it was consumerism and that buying things shouldn’t make a person feel better. But it’s hard to deny yourself relief from sadness, especially over something vague and political like anti-consumerism. Maybe we’re a society that is too obsessed with objects, yes. But I love going through the TV on DVD section, and I love the feel of a new book in my hand. Being morally right doesn’t fill the empty pit of my stomach when I am having a lonely day. Buying a season of the Muppet Show does.

Where do you think love hides? Sometimes I will spend a whole day smiling at strangers, and chatting with sales clerks and people walking their dogs. Sometimes you only get a grunt or a scowl in response, but the next person will have a smile for you, too. My mom does this way better than I can. She’s always smiling and nice to the people in her everyday life. I have a hard time not sinking back into my own sadness, or worry. But every time I do make the effort to show kindness to strangers, it comes right back at me and it’s not so ridiculous to think human beings love each other! I don’t think love hides, I think it’s always right there for you to reach out and touch. That’s a bit dorky sounding, but not as dorky as this: I think people hide from love.

When do you feel most loved? Even with my very best friends, weeks can go by where all our conversations are jokes and small talk about what’s going on immediately around us. Day to day life. And that’s fine, and normal, and just being with them is warm and reassuring.  The strongest that love ever feels is when you’re completely vulnerable, I think. When I break down and trust somebody more than I normally do. When I am scared, and instead of hiding it, I talk to someone and let them know that I’m scared, even if they can’t do anything about it.

What inspires most of your writing? Ideas! I like ideas. A novel told through cover letters, or what would happen if someone you loved turned into a zombie? You would care for them. Or why do the kids always win out over the powerful, crazed killer in horror movies? That doesn’t make sense! Or why can’t dirty stories be sweet and sad? And then I’ll sit down and write. And rewrite.

What is your favourite rainy day activity? I like watching TV and playing video games. I enjoy chess, too. I have spent whole days watching episode after episode of Criminal Minds, for instance. Or watching horror movies. I think that there’s a lot of valuable storytelling techniques at work in television and the movies. I find myself writing in scenes, shaping them with that same sense of purpose that TV scenes have. Keep things moving forward! I like the idea of writing movies as books.

You write about gender a lot, what would you say to someone struggling with their sexuality? I don’t know exactly what to say here, because people struggle with identity and gender and sexuality in so many different ways. You could say, “fuck what other people think. Be yourself, because there will always be someone out there that sees who you are and respects that, and the people who don’t respect you aren’t worth your time.” but I got an email from a kid who was still living at home and facing a super negative response to their sexuality. I wrote that they should just say what the parents wanted to hear, and wait until they could get out on their own. Maybe that’s not the best advice in the world, but I don’t think I’m particularly qualified to give advice anyway. It terrified me that a 15 year old in a terrible situation was coming to me for help. Because what I said wasn’t empowering at all. It was just the most practical solution I could think of.

What would you say to someone who feels ‘stuck’ in their life, job, relationship, etc.? Burn it down and start over.


Gala Darling

Gala Darling is an all around extraordinary writer and guru (if you will). Her online blog has helped millions to love life and adorn themselves with happiness. Originally from New Zealand, Gala now resides in New York City and is constantly writing, collaborating, and creating goodness for all the world to enjoy. Make sure to visit her blog!

What makes you feel wonderful? Writing, creating, plotting & planning, loud music!

What makes you feel beautiful? A strategically-dropped compliment from someone I have a crush on.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do or say to make yourself feel good again again? I turn up good music & either dance or hoop around my living room; I do a nice, long ashtanga yoga session; I write; I sing; I talk to my friends or I use EFT (a self-healing technique). Sometimes I do a combination of these things. & when I’m home in New York City, I throw on shoes & sunglasses & go for a long walk. Walking around the city is an amazing antidote to a day that’s dragging.

Where do you think love hides? In the pockets of strangers.

When do you feel most loved? When I share a real connection with someone.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about being a girl? Everything. Really, everything.

What is your favourite rainy day activity? Sitting really close to someone I really like & doing anything. Talking, dreaming, laughing.

If you had to make your friend a cheer-up box what are 5 items you would put in it? 1. A fortune — maybe from a cookie, maybe from a mechanical fortune-teller, maybe one I made myself. 2. A letter telling them exactly why I love them. 3. A copy of one of my favourite books.4. Snacks. 5. Cute knickers.
Everything would be colour-coordinated, of course.

When you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind? The light that shines out of people.

When you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears? A delicious menagerie of all my favourite musicians, spun together.


David Horvitz

David Horvitz is a dreamer, blogger, adventurer, artist, book maker, polaroid taker, extraordinary person that you really must know. We came across him when he was touring with Xiu Xiu & could not get enough of the beautiful simple way his brain works. So go ahead get lost in his words & ideas and make sure to visit his website. Fall in love. We dare you.

What makes you feel wonderful? I think the world and being is itself wondrous. It’s easy to forget that. But there is a moment when you wake up before you fully enter “reality” when your mind is still dreaming, and conceptualizing life and death is such an absurdity and everything is weighted down in a kind of wonder. That feeling should be sustained at all waking hours.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again? I try to accept all things as things that exist, and that I should not deny or reject anything. Like, if I’m feeling sad, I don’t try to deny it. I just accept it as a way of viewing and interacting with the world. However, if it is stress, or if I am really hectic in my head, I feel that is something I generate myself, and then I try to clear my head and ease things.

Where do you think love hides? It hides under rocks and behind clouds, and on the back sides of islands that you can only see from airplanes or boats. And also on the top of people’s heads, inside a bowl of rice that’s been in the refrigerator for a few weeks, and on the tail of dogs. And sometimes on trains when you are lost, or in the sun when it sneaks into your eyes.

When do you feel most loved? When someone yawns and puts their head on your arm.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about the city? Millions of lives living at once.

What is your favourite rainy day activity? The rain.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about people? They are alive.

When you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind? I will close my eyes. Now I will ask who is across from me (Ooxe) to say the word beautiful out loud and I will write exactly what I see. Here it goes: It depends on who is saying it. I hear a song with the word beautiful in it. What comes to mind is in the context of the song. It is the context that beautiful is used. So it is always different.

When you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears? The voice of who said it.

Anything else you’d like to share? A cup of tea to slow down the world while you are going as fast as you can.


Matt Pond

Matt Pond is a wonderful musician, who along with his band Matt Pond PA, travel the world playing music and bringing audiences together for a night of remarkable memories. They are currently on tour and make sure to checkout their website!

What makes you feel wonderful? Writing music makes me feel wonderful.

What makes you feel beautiful? I’m not certain I really know what it is to feel beautiful. Or maybe it’s impossible to recognize the feeling when it’s upon me. Maybe I feel beautiful when I sleep.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do or say to make yourself feel good again again? Sometimes, I harass myself into getting my shit together. Mumbling humbling swears under my breath like a ghostly gym teacher living in the back of my mind. Curling my way back to a positive position. Reading can help, too. Reading ‘Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut’ somehow knocks the brain back into whack.

Where do you think love hides? That is the question. Because if we knew that — then we’d all be running off into the middle of the marsh, digging up the hidden love. The view of our horizon would eventually be overtaken. All those prospectors out for love. Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows where it is. And that’s what keeps us alive. Looking for love until the end…Which is hardly pessimistic. Because there are two sides to the game for a reason: hide AND seek.

When do you feel most loved? Pardon me, but I fear the absolute honestly of these questions. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked or expressed the answers to anyone. And you know… The triteness of the truth may be too much for some to bear. But. It’s about loving yourself. Or at least letting go of all the negative gnawing. And THAT’S when it happens. THAT’S when it hits. There’s really no other way. Not for me.


Katie West

Katie West is a photographer best known for her primarily nude, honest, raw, sensual self portraits. Her work is NSFW (see: nude), but that shouldn’t deter you from checking out her website.

What is love (baby don’t hurt me)? Love is a choice you make. Because love is hard and you decide what to do with it once you figure you might’ve found it.

Who is the most remarkable person you know personally, and why do you think so? My mother is the most remarkable person I know. I think this because more than anyone I’ve ever known, she knows how to live. Really live. She truly lives each day like it’s her last. And she has faults, she has a lot of faults, and makes a lot of mistakes. But she’s still managed to raise two good kids, has a good husband, many people who love her and doesn’t let anything get in the way of her good day. It annoys me how optimistic she is sometimes, but she’s got the right idea I think.

Where does love hide?  I don’t think love hides; it’s everywhere, right? Looking for it is pointless, and will never work. The only thing you can do is close your eyes to it, and then there’s no one to blame for a lack of love in your life, but yourself. Open your eyes and bam. Mother fucking love.

When was the last time everything felt perfect? Tell us about it! Honestly, this happens to me often. I will be sitting in my living room with Matt, and we’ll be watching some sort of marathon of Supernatural, or BSG or something, drinking tea, trying to get enough couch space from my two cats who for some reason think they own the place and I think to myself that yes, I would have no problem doing just this for the rest of my life. Family makes for a lot of perfect moments for me. Friends too.

When you think of the word ‘beautiful,’ what’s the first thing to come to mind? I think of my friends, mainly. I have a lot of very good friends and always feel lucky about that. And they’re all so good-looking too. And to top it all off, they have these ridiculously good souls under those beautiful skin suits that just exacerbate their beauty to the nth degree.

What is your favorite thing to do to keep warm on a cold day? Oh, it’s actually a freezing cold day here in Toronto today. It’s snowing and my house is cold! I am wearing my pajamas and these amazing slippers I have that make me feel like a Yeti and am under two blankets. And tea, of course. I have this really great Holiday Chai tea. I don’t know why it’s holiday, but that’s what the box says. It’s good regardless.

What is your favorite part of your day to day routine? At the moment, I don’t have much of a routine. I really like eating though. Lunch is my favourite meal of the day and to have a really satisfying day, I need to have a good lunch. I also like the part of the day where I cuddle with my cats.

Who in this whole wide world would you most like to be friends with (who is alive and who you are not already friends with)?  I’m thinking Patrick Stewart, but I’d rather just have sex with him, honestly. Okay, this is gonna sound kinda nerdy (ha! nerdier than the Patrick Stewart comment? Maybe), but there’s these shows called Reviews on the Run, and Electric Playground. They’re nerdy shows about video games mostly and hosted/created by Victor Lucas. And I’d like to be friends with him.

Obviously, it takes a tremendous amount of self-esteem to take nude self-portraits and put them online for the whole internet to see! What are some of your tips and tricks for keeping your self-esteem high? I’ve never had a problem with my self-esteem. For some reason, from a young age, I’ve just never cared what anyone thought. I’ve never had to fight with myself to put something of myself out there for people to see. I’ve never been scared of being naked online. I think being a woman is fucking awesome, and I love everything about it.

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