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  1. Hi
    I dropped in here using Stumble upon toolbar
    I like your blog and see more potential in you as a blogger.
    My suggestion is that you should move to self hosted wordpress blog. Even I did it after staying 1 year on wordpress com site.
    In case if you need my help, in moving to self hosted wordpress blog. feel free to catch me on my Email

  2. how can I get a hold of that book you are (or will be) making? and when will it be available?

    thanks much!


  3. how can I get a hold of that book you are (or will be) making? and when will it be available?

    thanks much!


    sorry this is my real new email address

  4. what happened to the joey comeau interview you promised on twitter? i adore this site, and him, so i got so terribly excited when i found out my two favorite things would join forces!

    • it’s coming! most of our interviews are through email so it’s in their field once we send it out. he promises us it will come & he’s just been very busy. we’re anxious for it as well!

  5. Noooo! Oh, how I miss the old layout of your site. 😦 but alas, things must change. I guess I could deal with it and not just find some other site that is similar in ideas, but you could you find a way to allow readers to click on something even for the posts without a title? so that we could just focus on that one idea, which is why I liked your old outline to begin with.

    Thanks much!


  6. the blog isn’ being abandoned is it? I hope not. I visit everyday; even if it’s just to re-read a good oldie. but many simply stop posting and then I find I have to find another, not nearly as great, site.

    • it’s not being abandoned.
      we are all dealing with work, school, etc.
      but summer, summer, summer will bring a much more frequently updated yar!
      & a new edition of the book for when you just need a little feel good revolt in your life.

  7. My book came today. After waiting and hoping and checking the mail first thing every day, the day I was too busy and stressed to even remember the mail, it came! On the day I really needed it. It is perfect. Thankyou so very very much!

  8. I can’t help wishing that YAR created a magazine or webzine. There might not be enough content to publish it monthly, but tack on articles from Positively Present, photos from weheartit, reader contributions, and you’ve got something with a lot of potential. Just a thought.
    I love this blog so much. I also found Positively Present through you and I check up on each one almost daily. THANK YOU! ❤ 🙂

  9. I agree with the last comment. I’m constantly wishing YAR was more active. I check back all the time but nothing new for a while now 😦

  10. i didnt read thru all the love letters but read a few. and thn i was tryin to find out who is behind all this. i fell in love with someone, maybe someone with whom, i can never spend my entire remaining life but i wish i could. i ache for her, just hope she were near, so that i cud see her and feel that she is happy. my life changed because of wht i feel for her. i am 33 and hav had affairs before. but now, i dont knw. i am a wreck. she still emails and calls and i do too. but i have a feeling deep down inside that this might not be. and i am torn. the satisfied life i was living before i knew her and now the way, i check my email every day. i might survive but ME, i wudnt call it survive. coz surviving is just living for the sake of living. i have been there, done that. but what if i don’t get to spend my life with her. just have her beside me. wake up and see her sleeping by my side. help her in what she feels is going to be a problem. take care of her. give my life for her. time heals everything. ok TIME, i won’t question you, heal me. but what i feel for her is just the same. I love you, my sweetheart. these 3 words can’t contain what i feel, but guess till i find smthng better, i will have to do with I Love you.

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