Love Letter

Hey Gorgeous!

I Went to bed with my heart mellowed, a smile on my lips and you on my mind and I ended up dreaming about you also so I awake with even a much bigger smile on my face this morning :-):-)

You are truly,”MY LIFE!” And theres absolutely nothing in this world that could ever make me hurt you or stop loving you.

Last night I was so fascinated by our conversation… You just kept me laughing, smiling, giggling, blushing with the things you were saying.

I felt such closeness to you and I was so happy, still is 🙂

Thanks alot for all the wonderful compliments you gave me,you sure battered me with flattery 🙂 You melted me and my heart over and over again till all I could feel for you is adoration and love.

I am seriously lost in love with you and there’s no better place for me to be than physically with you and around you.

I am happy you are beginning to see me for who I am and the depths of my love for you (there’s so much more about me for you to see)

Last night when you said you can’t believe I’ve grown into the mature and smart young lady I am, I had to smile 🙂

In your absence I’ve become that and so much more.
I am who I am today because of you and the love I have for you.
I am a very passionate woman with whom and what I love.
I hold nothing back and have no reservations….

You said you don’t know about the my loving you forever and always part, well my dear as you live you will be a witness to that and I want you to love me always too and never stop even when you can’t be with me physically and I’ll play my cards right to ensure that you do…. 🙂

I want to make it impossible for you not to love me and want me in your life no matter the purpose I serve.

I want to make my mark permanent on you so no matter where life takes you, you’ll find it hard leaving me behind and in the event that you should you won’t be contented for long, you’ll want to come back and you’ll find your way back to me 🙂 🙂 Sorry but you already know that I’m 100% woman, and I will do everything to ensure my place in your life and yours in mine:-) 🙂

Even if you should end up with someone else in life I will make you miss me and you find it hard to be happy with them. I’m sure you can be happy but you will never truly be 100% happy and contented because you will feel my absence. I will love you as no man on this earth can. I’ll be so sweet to you and on you you’ll crave to be around me and miss me 🙂 🙂

You just don’t understand, these are things I take pleasure in(loving you and showing you that I do)

That’s the way I feel about you. Why do you think I wouldn’t even as much as to look at anyone else…. because I know my life would be empty and meaningless without you, there would be a void that no one else could fill and I’d spend all the days of my existence longing for you and as such I want no one taking up any more space in my life.

There is just no place in my life or heart for anyone else.
You’ve already filled those spaces and it’s always reserved for you and you alone.
You have made your mark on me and my heart 17 years ago and to you I belong forever and always.

I will love you to my last breath as it is the desire of my heart to do so 🙂
When I think of the way in which I love you, and that you do want me to continue loving you, never giving up on you,it sends shock waves through my torso area 🙂
It is truly pleasurable loving you. I get so much fulfillment out of loving you it would seriously be hard for you to understand 🙂 🙂

I am turned on by mere thoughts of loving you so why would I want to stop loving you  🙂
It’s because of things like these why I can tell you that I know I will love you forever and always.

My love for you have a way of indulging in it’s own pleasures of you and as such it takes me from one level to the next. It knows no bounds with no limitations. So there you have It 🙂

You are everything to me and always will be.



One thought on “Love Letter

  1. Good morning my lovely lady!  And how’s the beautiful lady and the love of my life doing this morning?  As always, I’m trusting that your morning has started off okay and it will progress into a very wonderful and productive day. How was your night my sweetness? I hope you slept well.My night was amazing…..After messaging you,I lay in bed thinking about you,missing you so desperately and yearning to be close to you. I reminisce about you, about and us,our conversations (messaging included) and I couldn’t help wanting you in an intimate way. I just wanted to be close to you where you are,wrapped up in your warm embrace being snuggled up next to you, enjoying your sweet kisses, Lost in time… Wish it was you I fell asleep with last night instead of a stuff toy 🙂 I couldn’t stop thinking about you,(not that I was even trying to) I fantasize about pulling you close to me and kissing your sweet lips and you sucking on my tongue. I get so turned on whenever I think about us sharing a kiss.  I get so lost in your kisses. I love your kisses. I’m addicted to your kisses and that’s one  addiction I need no recovery from. I just want to feed it.  Whenever we kiss You put me in a trance that I’m lost in a magical realm with you. I feel things I can’t even begin to explain. It feels like you’re kissing my soul and not my lips and in that instance I want to stay lost forever with no return to reality. I just want you to hold me then and never let go.Damn woman,writing you about kissing me is leaving me next to breathless so let me stop and move on to something else. I LOVE YOU SWEETNESS. Going back to our conversation last night…. Please let me reassure you of this one thing,”I will be there for you and with you always”. Only when the breath leaves my body will I leave you.  I have told you before, YOU HAVE ME AND MY LOVE FOREVER AND ALWAYS AND I WILL FOREVER BE IN YOUR LIFE FOR AS LONG AS YOU’LL LET ME. EVEN IF YOU NO LONGER NEED ME I’LL STILL WANT TO BE A PART OF YOUR LIFE. THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. I WANT TO BE IN YOUR LIFE,WITH YOU ALWAYS. I will NEVER EVER HURT YOU OR LEAVE YOU COME WHAT MAY. I love you madly, deeply, unconditionally. You to me are everything.  You are the only person I love in this world even far more than life itself. YOU ARE MY LIFE.I LIVE FOR YOU AND TO LOVE YOU. I would sacrifice every and anything even my life for you life. You are the woman who possesses my heart and rule my world. You are my queen to whom I bestow my immutable love. I respect,adore,admire,cherish and value you over every one and everything in life. I put no other not even myself above or before you, not now, not ever. All others are beneath you and forever will remain there. You are who my heart beats and yearn for. The only person I desire to share and spend my life with. You are always on my mind because you’re etched in my thoughts and your name echoes in the beats of my heart.. I have only your best interest at heart and would never hurt you. I only want to please you and make you happy. You are the woman of my dreams,all my fantasies and reality. You are my world, my heart and soul. I get butterflies whenever I see you and whenever I talk to you I can’t help smiling and blushing. I want you,I need you, there isn’t any way I’m ever going to leave you., Good and bad times,just you and me.You’re all I’ll ever want,need and desire in this world. You are the only one in my heart. Loving you fills my heart with happiness. I smile cause I feel and see you,I cry cause I miss you and I worry when I don’t hear from you but most of all I sigh because I’m not with you. When I’m with you nothing else matters in the world,you’re my life. When you kiss me my heart leap and melt when you tell me you love me I melt and becomes putty in your hands. When I sleep I dream of you,when I’m awake I think of you and when I die,I will die loving you. You are the first thought of every morning, every thought in between and the last thought I have before falling asleep.  I will follow wherever you lead (Even if it means losing my soul) and I forever want to be where you are. Whenever you hurt in life I want to be there to console you,If you are never able to see the light, I will sit with you in the darkness.  I rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else. I want to be your safe haven, your comfort zone. You’re the best thing in my life and I wouldn’t give you up for anyone or anything in life. I will indeed love you till my last breath. You are my special someone and always will be. Well my beautiful lady,I could go on and on telling you what you mean to me and how I feel about you but if I do I’ll be sitting right where I am for days counting the ways and trying to put it in to words. All I was merely trying to say is that the possibility of me hurting you and leaving you for anyone else do not and cannot exist with the way I feel about you. What you and I have and share goes beyond the physical.  We share a very deep, rare and special bond that nothing or any human being can ever come between or change and that’s the reality of you and I. Only death can separate me from you. So I will indeed love you to my last breath. Please don’t ever leave me and stay with me as I will you. NO MATTER WHAT. I LOVE YOU CHARLENE NOW AND FOREVER MORE.  IN MY LIFE, YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE. I look forward to hearing from you. You are in my every thoughts and will remain there throughout the day.. Keep enjoying your day my love and stay safe.  My heart beats only for you.LOVE ALWAYS.Jessie 

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