For What

My insides quiver like the string attached to the antenna.

“Oh! darling, try and get some sleep;
defy the blank screams in your head.

Sail off into the cavernous gems of your childhood.

Crush the beetles beneath your feet;
drink the juices; don’t look back.”

Stacey Renberg

2 thoughts on “For What

    • Why you want that desperate life . if I have better offered that I gave it to you.always wear me as long as you want my half of me is yours. Your not going to will live longer than i thought tell to that medium lady. she is pain to head .but that’s all good.I did wrong i guess I have problem.this is the only things I can do just to help your entire family.praying for a Good health and more years To come , dying is no more shorter ,I’ll break the spell my love. Next year you will receive that cray news.

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