Interview: Tea Hacic

Tea HacicTea Hacic, also known as Sugartits, is a magnificent self-help guru on Tumblr and many other places. She gives unique advice about growing up, love, sex, and of course life. When Tea isn’t answering questions, she is a writer for Vice, WIRED, and Bullet Media. If that weren’t enough, Tea also has a show on Bullet TV called “Everything is Embarrassing.” Tea isn’t your typical writer, especially because she sometimes writes in Italian, but also because she isn’t afraid to say what everyone else is trying to hide. She is a spit fire who answers life’s terrifying questions and does so with big eyes, red lips, and a hair flip. Check her out, fall in love, and enjoy your daily dose of Tea on her Instagram.

What’s your name?
Tea Hacic

How old are you?

How old do you feel?

What makes you feel remarkable?
My writing and my butt.

If you are having a sub-par day, what do you do &/or say to make yourself feel good again?
I get dressed up and drunk.

Where do you think love hides?
In shitty bars.

When do you feel most loved?
Hugging my husband.

What inspired you to put yourself out there on the internet?

Do you receive much negativity on your tumblr site? if so, how do you deal with it?
I surprisingly haven’t gotten much negativity!! When I do, I remember that people willing to waste time sending hate to strangers have their own problems and you shouldn’t take what they say seriously.

What is your favourite rainy day activity?
Watching cartoon network and eating cereal.

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about people?
The way they laugh at things. The way they keep waking up and getting up and doing stuff even though life is hard.

When you hear the word “beautiful” what image immediately pops up in your mind?
My mama!

When you hear the word “love” what sound resonates in your ears?
The sound of my husband saying, “Amore!” when he wants beer.

When you started your tumblr what were your expectations?
I expected to get a few eyes and a few readers.

Did you expect to become such a self-help goddess?
I had no idea that would happen! I just wanted to share my stories.

What makes you feel hope?
Space. Knowing how small and stupid we all are.

Who do you think is a remarkable person?
A single mom.

How much do you think you’ve changed in the last ten years?
I’ve changed tremendously in that I’ve stopped torturing myself. I’ve discovered who I am as an artist and how to not over-pluck my eyebrows.

What is the best thing that has happened to you in the last year?
I moved to New York!

Where do you get your confidence?
From daydreaming about what I wish I could do.

Why do you think feminism is important?
Because women deserve to have at least the same basic human rights as men! Duh!

How did you find your inner goddess/gaga/beyonce?
By listening to the right music.

What are your favorite things?
Cartoons, chocolate and the way my eyes look after a night of drinking and crying.

Where do you live?
New york.. It’s busy and fast like a slutty teenager.

What should others do to make the world a better place?
Be nice to each other.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t give up!

What is one piece of advice you would tell your high-school self?
You’re good enough.

How do you deal with failure?
I push through it.

What’s the most recent random act of kindness you’ve witnessed?
Someone giving ten dollars to a street performer.

When will your book finally come out!?
As soon as I find a reliable publisher! I have decided to name the book “Just The Tip,” so that’s some progress.

Any final last words for our readers?
I love you!

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