Good morning. yes, it’s morning. another day.
No, you can’t stay in bed. You’ve got to get up. You’ve got a job to do. People are counting on you, and when your job is done, you’re gonna go dancing!
Yes, you are absolutely going. You’ve already promised your best friend you would be DD and you know she never let’s loose so you can’t deprive her of a good time.
So what if he’s gonna be there? You can’t let him ruin your favorite thing. At this point it’s the only thing that makes you happy. It’s your drug free coping mechanism! How amazing is that? You can do this.

Yes, you have a muffin top, and yes you carry most of your body fat on your thighs. So do most of the women in the U.S.! Do you know what no woman in the U.S. has? Your eyes. Your smile. Your sparkle. He may have smothered it, buried it, and left it for dead, but this sparkle is immortal. That’s right. It will NEVER die. You can do this.

You did it! You danced your heart out! You looked fabulous! Your friends were so happy to see you… and what did they say? “I’m so proud of you.” They’re proud of you for getting out of bed, even though you felt smothered. They’re proud of you for being brave and having a good time, even though you were scared.

Be proud of you. You did it. You found a way to help mend your broken heart.
Allow it to be broken again.

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