aggressively kind.

i realized the best and simplest thing you can do to an individual, is to just simply love them.

gentleness & tenderness will not be an immediate response to some people, but it goes such a long way.
kindness is something what we all can practice at each and every day.
loving one another, will not come naturally to others…

we’re perfectly imperfect, but this is a graceful challenge that we all encounter.
we can begin by letting go of the qualities that forces us to fall back- selfishness. pride. jealousy.fury.

let go.
& begin loving everyone around you, no matter if they deserve a place in your heart or not.
& love yourself in the process.

it may take a lifetime to learn
a few months.
a few days.
maybe in an hour
a few minutes.

always be aggressively kinder than you need to be.
& expect absolutely nothing in return.
always be mindful.

a  simple gesture is all it takes to begin knowing someone’s heart.
it will help them forget about tomorrow, even if it’s only for a moment.

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