warning flags.

we all have warning flags- signs that our emotions are becoming hard to handle. when something major happens (a suicide, a murder, etc.) people always talk about the “red flags”.  sometimes red flags are a subtle soft-pink & spoken in whispers or marks on the skin. sometimes red flags are neon lights flashing violently in loud words or clenched teeth. sometime’s we’re too focused on ourselves to notice these in others, especially if we struggle identifying them in ourselves. maybe it seems a bit odd that your classmate is figiting more than normal or that your coworker has started eating her lunch alone but you may assume there is a reason. instead of assuming let’s be proactive, especially before assuming everything is okay.

be kind & open your heart every day. you never know what the people you interact with are going through or how they are dealing with their existence. that bitchy girl at the coffee shop may have just broken up with the love of her life. that boy who bumped into you in the street may have just lost his job. we are always on the brink of something whether it be something tragic or something amazing. every day we make decisions which keep us from falling over the edge. all of us, at some point, are just one comment, one look, one smile away from faltering one way or the other. 

don’t brush off the subtle flags & don’t run from the bright ones. remember every action has a reason, people are generally not inherently rotten. again, be kind every day to every person you meet. at least try your hardest to be. you never know when a simple smile or a simple “hello” may be the light in another’s dark life.

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