just one moment.

we notice the empty spot beside us
the cold draft our hands feel as we recall the warmth that once engulfed it
the way they look at us differently
the vacant seat in your car
silent rooms that once filled with their laughter

these nights.
these tidal waves of tear streaked pillows
memory clenching & silent sobbing

you’ve become a victim to your emotions
your heart exposed
naked & vulnerable
your eyes refuse to hide the sadness any longer
dark circles
slouching posture
your body will not lie anymore

but, my dear, it will pass

Take it   one.
at a time.
Remember how to breathe again.

how to have your heart beat to its own rhythm
without matching theirs
how to smile

for a moment every night
just for one single moment

make the city yours
when everyone is asleep
you are the streetlight illuminating the dark street
or be the quiet nightlight in the corner

the soft breeze in the grass
you are the colours of the sun rise
the open field of wildflowers
rooting themselves deep in the cold earth

the words that fill the mailbox
unwritten letters
a hot mug of coffee
you are the jolt of energy
you are the laughter at the table
the muse to a birds song
you are what makes the moon come out

just for a moment
one single moment
you will forget the void in your heart that once chained you

& soon
you will have the strength to take on another day.

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