let go, let go. how much do positive & negative thoughts effect our lives? if we think positive thoughts will positive things happen? if we think negative thoughts will negative things happen? manifestation; the law of attraction. sometimes it’s so hard to not think negatively. negative thoughts just seep into our heads. we don’t call for them. they just come when we see a boy or girl who we love who doesn’t love us back or when we door poorly on a big project. they come when we are cut off by a bad driver or when someone is rude to us. let it go, let it go. breathe in, breathe out. some people suggest replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. sometimes this is quite hard to do because your negative thought is so consuming. try this: take a breath in, through your nose. a deep breath. hold it for five seconds & as you breathe out think or say ‘let it go, let it go, let it go.’ now take deep breaths until this feeling/thought has left your mind. feel these breaths start calming your body. it does take practice. the first time you try this you might feel settled until you stop & the thought races back into your brain. breathe deep again. let it go, let it go, let it go. it may seem silly, but try & try & try again. it will come easier. promise.

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