congratulations, you’ve made it.
you’ve made it another second, another minute, another day, another month. go ahead & take a deep breath. breathe in the season. breathe in the colour of the trees. breathe in the sweet smell of the season. breathe in the air. breathe in life. you’re life. it’s your life. you’re living it & it’s wonderful because we need you. you exist because we need you. who is this “we”. we, your friends, your enemies, your family, your new loves & your old ones too. the animals in their burrows, the animals in the trees. everything that is animate & tangible. you exist because they need you to exist. there is a fine balance in everything. the good, the bad. we need the bad so we appreciate the good. you cannot have one without the other. without the awful feelings we wouldn’t know the good feelings. & oh my god those bad feelings can make you want to dig yourself into the ground & not come out till there is promise of summer, something lighter. those bad feelings, we wish we didn’t need them but we do. we need those bad feelings & we need you. we all need to allow ourselves to feel the things we feel. & we need to really feel them. we need to be present in our feelings to be able to identify them. once we can identify them we can start to figure out how to get rid of them. congratulations, you’ve made it.
each second is an accomplishment
& we believe in you.

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