As someone who has all of her five senses, I often take them for granted. I’ve tried to purchase more flowers and place them around my apartment, stopping every once in a while to literally smell the roses. I have been taking the time again to admire works of art and photographs and see the inspiration in the world. I’ve tried to eat better foods and drink better beers to enjoy the extraordinary tastes of life. I’ve even been more aware of what I touch and to admire the warmth of B’s skin or the smoothness of my dog’s fur so that I don’t over look it. Yet, the one sense I have always over looked is sound.

I could write a book on sound and the sounds I hear every single day, the sounds I cherish, the sounds I despise, the sounds that inspire me, anger me, frighten me, relax me. But regardless of all these sounds, I have yet to truly notice them after I’ve heard them. Sure, we all have a favorite song or album that will never really leave our brains, but what about all the other ones?

  • The sound of the needle as it touches down to the record for the first time
  • The sound of my dog sighing, as he dreams and curls up next to me
  • The sound of B’s truck as it pulls up the driveway after a long day of work
  • The sound of the wind on a hot, Southern California day, as you sit in the warm grass
  • The sound of that “infinite moment” song as it plays loudly from the stereo of your moving car while the air flows in through the open windows
  • The way B says I love you and really means it because his voice has gotten softer, quieter
  • The sound of a typewriter during a long line with no breaks between words, flowing perfectly onto paper

Decibels were created to measure the intensity of a sound on a positive to negative scale. We might not all understand the concept of an actual dB, but we’ve all seen old stereos and the dancing green and red lines that go up and down, up and down. I imagine our insides have the dancing lights and when these sounds hit our ears and fall inside our brains, our bodies, the dBs jump up and down, up and down, powering our hearts.

-Stacey Renberg

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