So this is the new year…

Whenever the clock strikes midnight and drunken voices start to sing Auld Lang Syne, I think of that Death Cab song and how even though we are given the chance to start over, I don’t feel any different. Sure I might have all of these lofty goals I would like to complete come 2015, but are they really possible? Well, much like last year, I it started off being sick. I’m a smoker and when you combine cigarettes with eating whatever the hell you want and little to no exercise, you’re basically begging your body to get sick. I think if this year had begun on a healthy note, I wouldn’t have truly realized that I need to change things. So that was it. Before the clock even struck midnight, I was done. I had smoked and stomped out my last cigarette on December 31, 2013. Two days later and I’m still going strong. I’m hoping it’s more than the flu that is keeping me from puffing away, but suffice to say, I really think I can do it this year. If not for my health, at least so I can skate for derby, and finally pass assessments, which is another goal of mine for the year. But if I can honestly quit smoking and quit calling myself a smoker, even if that’s the only goal I achieve this year, I’ll consider it a very successful 365 days.

I have tons of other goals as well. Here’s my list!

1. Quit smoking
2. Get published
3. Pass derby assessments
4. Make You Are Remarkable even better
5. Write every single day
6. Create and craft
7. Inspire and love those around me
8. Dye my hair crazy colors and grow it even longer
9. Travel (Portland, Hawaii, Seattle)
10.Organize my home and my life

What are your goals and resolutions for 2014?
Share them below!
-Stacey Renberg

One thought on “So this is the new year…

  1. Love your list, and especially number 7! People tend to not think about these things when it comes to New Year Resolutions, but they’re so important and such amazing ways to truly change your life and the lives of those around you.

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