I’m not one for resolutions. When we back ourselves into a corner with a binary win or lose, succeed or fail, endure or quit then we set ourselves up for unnecessary pressure and unattainable goals. Life is not black or white, no matter how much we’d like it to be. It is an infinite mix of colors and subtle shades that are seen differently by each and every participant or observer. It’s messy and beautiful. So I will make no resolutions this day. I will make no definite unyielding commitments. I will be kinder to myself than that… And more understanding. And more realistic. And wiser.
But what we all can, and should do is try. Every day we have the ability to see who we have been – to reflect on our decisions, good or bad. To think about how we were when we were at our best… And then we can choose to take this new day that has arrived and spend it trying to be even better.
We won’t always accomplish that objective. But I bet if we put our minds to it, we will happily surprise and amaze ourselves more often than not. More importantly, a quiet and subtle change will happen. A change like the seasons. We won’t see a difference between one day and the next, but one day we’ll find ourselves in the middle of a warm summer of happiness, and we’ll marvel at the contrast between this and our cold and nearly forgotten winter. Each little try was a tiny step of growth that will have brought us there.

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