2014 is the year I finally kill the word “hipster.” I will put it in a boat filled with Thrasher Magazines, push it softly out to sea, and set it on fire. It will burn then burn out. And its sinking will not fix our vision or help us stay warm in the winter, but we will be relieved.

I will wear a watch, at some point, every day this year. I will wear a watch on weekend trips to see my cousins, my old roommates, the wives of cousins and old roommates, and various other important people. I may not go too far, but no matter where I find myself, the time will always be close by.

Here’s to conquering intimidating things, like cooking with Phyllo dough and teaching my dog to speak- things I never thought adult me could even think. The unexpected intimidating things, the surgery I didn’t plan for in the middle of my week or the insurance claim I have to fight for throughout five months at least. Let the little things prepare me and keep me even and complete.

Love worth finding and keeping has nothing to do with money, because sometimes we forget that the happiest we ever were was when we didn’t have a cent. We were behind the shield of  superheroes, and now we’re forced to take that step, but it never matters how much we earn until we have courage enough to help. Let all we do this year help a generation behind us with the example that we set– An example that was never about degrees and zip codes, but about being afraid, then pushing ourselves again.

2014 starts with a full cube on my desk. I never flip the days forward, scared for what I’ll miss. I am thankful for the privilege of peeling off the dates, keeping that in mind when I’m anxious to rip away whole weeks. Living is a slow and deliberate thing, full of chutes and full of ladders and my hope is for me and all my friends to figure out how to live forever. Forever in one year full of baking classes, grain-free dog food, and new words for kids with glasses.


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