a new year can be a fresh start or it can be just another day. some people look forward to 1/1 & see it as a chance to start over. other’s feel as though waiting 365 days to start over is silly & that there shouldn’t be a specific date to choose to change. i have fallen into both these groups but this year i’ve chosen a fresh start.

for me 2013 was stale. it just was. 2013 was a year of readjusting & of getting settled. it was a year of turning down invites and choosing to sit for endless hours on the couch passively glued to Netflix. i spent the majority of 2013 feeling discontent but also feeling too lost in this to put the effort into making the year memorable-to make it count.

2013 came.
2013 went.

life happens so quickly, you blink & you have missed a year. i don’t want to miss another year. there is a margaret atwood quote that i fell upon as 2013 was coming to an end which captured my feelings toward 2013/2014 perfectly.

“last year i abstained
this year I devour
without guilt
which is also an art.”

in 2014 i will make an effort to force myself off of the couch and out of my comfort zone. i will reconnect with old friends who i find myself missing. i won’t turn down (as many) invitations, even when i’m feeling too tired to go out. this year i will be more selfish, more hedonistic. i will focus on chasing the things that make my life feel light. i will pursue my interests instead of just re-pinning them. i will drink more water and read more books. this year i will pilot my life.

this year i will live.
this year i will devour.

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