love letter.

When I’m 4 minutes away from your house, I’m frustrated that I have to wait 4 minutes to see you. I don’t feel whole until the moment I’m with you. But once I am, everything feels different. Time slows down. My brain slows down. Relief and warmth flood over me. I’m not scared of how I feel, and when I look in your eyes I just know. I breathe differently now. I speak differently. I think differently. I believe everything up until now has led me to you. I can’t say all of this out loud. Not yet. But when you read this, you’ll know. I have never felt less alone in my entire life. My favorite moments are spent on your couch, enveloped in each other. Cold nights are welcome now. I want to fill you with food, warmth, and love. If I could sing, then I would sing to you everyday. Your resilience amazes me. I know you’re so much stronger than you think. You make me want to be the best possible version of myself that I didn’t know existed. I want you to know all of this and carry it with you. You should never feel alone, because I promise, you’re not.


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