you don’t need fixing.

hey you, looking this way.

yeah, you. i’ve seen so many come and go just like you. you never want advice, and so you seldom ask. you think people who give you advice are typically self righteous and condescending ASSHOLES who think their message is greater than you, or your FRUSTRATION. but you’re too nice; you’re nice, you’re caring to a fault, and you’re the softest creature of your kin by nature. so you put up the barrier, tighten up your jaw and just fucking HOPE it ends soon. but it never ends soon enough–because advice turns to argument, it wasn’t what you wanted, and it’s always the same thing. they want to FIX you. they imply something in you is BROKEN, that there are pieces missing, pieces shattered and scattered all over the place.

whatever happened to venting, preventing a sadness so immense that swallows you whole? what happened to confiding; someone to rely on? a shoulder to cry on.

“dont take it so PERSONAL. god, you’re so extra.”

but you don’t WANT to be extra, do you? you just want to be you, and you just want someone to care as much as you do. but that’s so hard to find when your mind is so far ahead of everyone else. what is the right choice, and what won’t you REGRET?

so you sever one after the other, the ties, the LIES and the pretenders. they FORCE feed you advice, but it isn’t real. they don’t want your success, they want you to be a MESS. then what? you let the distress get the best of you, consume you and become a new you. want true,undeniable advice? don’t let it take you-the stress; the worry. be true to you. no one’s opinion MATTERS but your own. OWN what they think is broken. but most of all, darling, remember this–you don’t need fixing.

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