ya done good kid.

I work at a pharmacy and every day I am reminded of how important it is to take care of yourself and be compassionate to others. You never know what the person on the other side of the register has gone through or is experiencing currently. This one customer in particular, let’s call her Nina, was always very pleasant and personable. She came in one day to drop some prescriptions off and as I started to type them in I realized they were for cancer treatment. After a few moments, she told me she loved my pink hair and began telling me about how she was going for her 1st round of chemo in a week. They’re going to be aggressive with her treatments and she was bummed about losing her hair. Seeing as I had actually thought about what I would do in this situation some time ago, I responded, “If I ever have to go through chemo, I want to have different kinds of wigs and scarves of all colors. And I’d change them frequently, just because I can.” We laughed, her prescriptions were covered by insurance, we went about our days.

A month or two later she came to pick up some meds. I happened to be at the register and saw her coming. She looked sickly, but in good spirits. Her head was wrapped in a super fun scarf with tassels on the end. It tied in a loose bun on the side of her neck and hung by her shoulder in a watermelon paisley ponytail. It was awesome. I had to let her know.

“Your scarf is totally awesome!”
“Thanks! You inspired me to stay positive. You can’t take life too seriously.”

I agreed.
We shared smiles and I finished the transaction.
She started to walk away without her prescriptions.

“Nina! Don’t forget these!”
“Haha! That’s cancer brain for ya.”

She laughed to herself as she wished me a great afternoon, and walked away.
I really wanted all the rest of her afternoons to be as awesome as possible.

On my ride home later, the day sank in and I thought to myself, ” Ya done good kid. Today was a good day.”

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