love letter XVI (goodbye).

it’s been five long years of self-discovery & new friendships. five years long years that you’ve been gone. you’re missed every day but you’ve lived on through music, art, & poetry. so many people know your name & you’ve touched countless lives. you’ve inspired countless people. each day you inspire so many more. you’ve taught us to love to the extreme, find beauty in everything, & never let a day go by without living life to the fullest. you’ve taught us to always tell our friends we love them & to always be there for whoever may be in need. through you we have grown into better, more fulfilled kids adults.


dear dom.
i’ve been searching for words these past few days but when i open my mouth all that comes out are animal noises. cries of sadness, anger, everything. i don’t know how to be happy & right now i’m not strong enough to pretend. i remember the first time i saw you. walking down main street with your long hair & your white tee shirt. you looked so tough. you made my heart pump pump pump. you never stopped making my heart pump pump pump. nine years. honestly, knowing you had a big part in shaping the person i am today. you had a way about you that i’ve never seen. you had power, passion, coursing through your veins. i could see it in your eyes, read it in your words, hear it in your voice. you were the type of person no one could forget, even if they wanted…

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