dear, love.

dear ,

i know, i know that the days are feeling shorter and your life is feeling darker. oh wait, i mean: i know the days are getting darker and your life is getting shorter. i know that in the morning it’s hard to leave your warm bed either because you don’t want to walk into the cold temperatures or because you don’t want to wake up and have to face the world. i know that it’s hard to paint a smile on each day but if you do it long enough it will become second nature and if you do it long enough, trust me, you’ll start to feel it deep into your frozen bones. i know when you look in the mirror you think of the days when you were thinner or when you had less marks on your face. i know every day there is the debate whether to paint yourself in makeup or to not and accept the usual “you look tired” “you look sick” comments from people that hardly matter. it makes people uncomfortable to see your inner pain showing on your face. show them. let them see. make them uncomfortable. stop hiding. you’ve grown so used to hiding that you feel you don’t deserve to be seen. hello, hello there…you deserve to be seen. you deserve to been seen all your guts and all your glory. show it all.

there is no reason to hide.


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