the ones we are thankful for.


When I initially read what we had to write about this week I thought, “Oh great: a stereotypical Thanksgiving post where we all drone on and on about the cliché things we are thankful for.” But then I kept thinking about the same thing, or rather, the same person. There are these moments and they range over the past two years. Yet each of these moments is focused on myself saying one thing, “I’m so thankful for you.” Every time he would look at me and ask why or where this gratefulness came from and every time I would say, “I just am.”

Over the past year, a few of my friends have been very unfortunate and have gotten their hearts broken. Not just a “this isn’t working out and we should breakup” kind of broken, I mean a full on devastation of heartbreak. Fortunately, all of these girls have moved on, moved up, and started living the lives they always wanted to, but couldn’t because they were supporting men who were the epitome of the word ungrateful. However, through the moving up and moving on process, my friends have been through what we all now call the “dating app life.” Technology has taken over normal human interaction. No longer do people meet in bars; they meet on Tinder, OK Cupid, etc. My friends, being the awesome- feminist-forward women that they are, have taken to this new form of dating. There are ups and downs, good times and bad, but more importantly, there is an entire new world of “relationships” that I have yet to adhere to because of him. I love my friends and I will be there to listen to them for the rest of our lives. In fact, I hope they continue to venture deep into the recesses of cell phone app dating so that I can continue to hear these outrageous stories. But at the end of the day, when I get to go home to our tiny, tucked-away tree house, and see B and our puppy Rocky, I’m so grateful. I feel so blessed that I was able to find someone like him and that no matter how many times I say it or how sappy I get, he graciously accepts my gratitude and returns it every time.

My advice to you this holiday is to tell the one’s you truly care about, that you love them. Tell them honestly that you are thankful for them. Don’t be afraid to say what you really mean, but most importantly, don’t keep your gratitude held up inside. The people around us need to know that they are important to us and they’ll never know if you don’t remind them. When I think of everything in the universe and I think of all the good and evil, more than anything in the world, I am thankful for B and everything connected to him. Don’t you want the ones you love to feel like this too?
-Stacey Renberg

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