thank you.

thanksgiving, thanksgiving. some of us cringe at the thought of holidays, all that commercialism and cheer. some of us rejoice, letting the spirit of the season take us. whichever side you fall on, let’s focus on what the holidays are really a time for. thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks! giving thanks seems so simple but it isn’t always. sometimes it’s hard to express gratitude. we usually think about the people or the things we’re thankful for but we often over look the experiences. this holiday season try to focus on it all. let yourself be grateful to all of the things that have helped or guided you along the way. you may be thankful for simple things like your parents or best friend, or tougher things like a painful relationship from which you’ve grown. you know, it’s even okay to be thankful for yourself. sometime’s we’re too nervous to express the things we’re really thankful for to the people we’re thankful for. we may fear it sounds too corny or we may be unable to access the ones we would like to give thanks to. sometime’s the words ‘thank you’ don’t seem like enough. i promise you, they’re enough. . 

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