Be Kind.

be kind. be kind to your body. whether that means throwing all of the
superfoods that you read about on google into a blender and sipping
your way clean, or whether it means eating your something cheesy that
comes in a jar that you don’t have to refrigerate while watching
football in your fat pants because it gives you that comfortable
feeling.  be kind to your body.  just because everyone is going out
and getting drunk on a friday night doesn’t mean that you have to.
stay home. listen to guided meditations, or sing in the shower, paint
your nails and put on face masks that make you look like a member of
blue man group. be kind to yourself. go to bed early. wake up late.
sleep away the whole weekend. wake up early and notice how the light
shines through your window during that golden hour as the sun is
coming up. be kind to your mind. read books about how to become a
better person. be comfortable being yourself. accept your flaws,
they’re the best part of you.  embrace them, even. rave about them! be
kind to others, because it will in turn teach you to be kind to
yourself. be romantic, not just with your lover, but with yourself.
buy yourself roses! take yourself out for dinner! go see that art film
that you really want to see… alone. appreciate the moments.  be
kind. take care of yourself. love yourself. try.

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