be careful what you keep.

It’s interesting how many things in our lives can be a sort of window into who we really are… our deeper personalities, our quirks, our passions, our faults. I can think of several at the moment. The inside of your car (if you have one). Your bag. Your wallet. Your computer desktop. Your locker (again, if you have one). Your bedroom… and of course, your closet. Is it perfectly organized and carefully sorted? It it a chaotic mess? Is it full beyond it’s capacity? Is it empty? Is it comfortable or strict? Is it flamboyant or minimal? So much can be gleaned from such a small part of our world.

My closet is seldom this well organized. It just got a bit of an overhaul today. I boxed up some items that I didn’t need in there… some I’ll say goodbye to and send away. Some I’ll visit again someday in the future.

It reminds me of the rest of our lives. We have old favorite friends that we would never part with no matter what, but we may not see them every day. We have others that were just what we needed at the time and had a good run, but have become passé because they were a little too trendy to last. Some we barely knew… that just didn’t ever click.

Be careful what you keep. We all have too much. Really. We do. The population of this closet of mine could be culled again by a good third – probably twice that – and I wouldn’t miss a thing. What we own also owns us. It’s a terrible struggle in this consumerist culture in which we live, but I think that he or she who owns the least often wins. That least must meet the individual’s basic needs, of course, but to have just enough and not a bit more? That seems the perfect balance. It means freedom, selflessness, generosity, and a sort of imperviousness toward loss.

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