create peace.

The paintbrush is also mightier than the sword.

The pen, the pencil, the keyboard, the microphone, the camera… anything that lets us communicate our thoughts without violence against another. All mightier. Not that you can’t bend any of these tools toward the violent – I’ve seen that more times than necessary – but at their best, they are tools to spread more than ink or paint. They are our means of spreading knowledge and understanding. The recipient needs not agree, but disagreement also does not equal immediate mortal peril.

Imagine if we as a species had never taken a single step down the path toward war. No guns, no mines, no bombs, no tanks, no knives or clubs wielded against each other. They’re so much a part of our culture that it’s hard to even dream of such a thing… but do. I’m not suggesting a species with no conflict. Debating different ideas moves us forward… but what if we did only that.

The best cultures would automatically emerge as victorious… not because of their military might, but because their ideas are the best… The species would have to invest all that effort and capitol that is now wasted on war (or preparation for war) in something more constructive. Health, science, and education perhaps? We would have already cured major diseases, explored planets, and advanced the collective intelligence of our species exponentially.

We have so much to learn, and so much improvement to make.

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