calling all gentlemen.

Where have all the gentlemen gone?

I taught myself to tie a bow tie last night. I feel like this was a life achievement, up there with traveling Europe, climbing Mount Everest racing cars and piloting a plane.

So much of what is considered gentlemanly has been sadly forgotten. Some say chivalry is dead. I prefer to think of it as a lost art. But being kind, thoughtful, brave, selfless or heroic are things that should never go out of style.

It often seems that we are living in a society that grows continually more self involved, self centered, self indulgent, and self obsessed. I know some people personally who are clear but oblivious representatives of this unfortunate trend. Simple kindnesses like offering a hand, holding a door, pausing long enough for a cheery hello are all neglected.

To be a gentleman, one should be true to one’s word, honest, trustworthy, kind, helpful, and selfless, often willing to put another’s agenda ahead of one’s own. I also don’t think being gentlemanly is exclusive to a single gender. Anybody could embrace that sort of character.

I wish we could go back to the days when those qualities were more common… But maybe we can! Maybe if I try, and you do too we can start a gentlemanly revolution! Let’s do it! Ladies and gentlemen… Don your monocles, tie up your bow ties and wax up your mustaches! Get out there and care!

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