Make your own path.

It’s not easy. Walking in the footprints of others is much easier. The decisions have been made for you. They are tried and true. They are safe. They are predictable, and they let you know what to expect… They are ruts.

But in the beginning there were no footprints there at all… Until they were created by one intrepid traveller. That person either had no choice but to forge a new way because nobody had yet attempted it, or he or she saw that many had been going about things the same way, when there was a better one to be found.

Either way I want to be counted among the pioneers and innovators – the ones that change the world. I have often squared off against safety and convention with defiance and irreverent questioning. I have had to hammer against the walls thrown up by conformity and narrow minds… The followers. Sadly our “leaders” are often among them… But that should never be an excuse to give up.

Even if you end up finding a way that isn’t the best, at least you stand out as somebody who was brave enough to try. There is always a choice. A choice to walk a path that was previously unwalked. Sometimes that path has simply been overlooked, because of lack of vision. Sometimes it can clearly be seen, but it has been deemed unnecessary, or undesirable. Sometimes it has been flatly labeled impossible.

We do impossible things all the time, but only because somebody made an attempt.

Choose your own way, do the impossible, and defy convention. Life is too short to waste it on boring routine.

Walk your own walk.

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