seed to stem.

We all start as a seed.

This is the beginning of a Japanese maple tree. A tree that will become a carefully sculpted bonsai one day. We all are like that. We start as a seed, and grow according to our nature for a while. Some of us germinate in wild soil, and untended, we grow whichever way we wish. We grow wild as the wind and are shaped by only the sun and our own whim.

Others begin in this wild way, and then are tended and guided. Carefully, lovingly, we are shaped by our mentors into something we could never have become on our own.

We sometimes struggle against this guidance. We want to be free from the influence of any other. But nobody can truly flourish in a vacuum. When we embrace that persistent pruning, tending, bending, and encouragement from the hands of a master, we each can grow into our own masterpiece.

Here’s hoping you bend without breaking. Sprout & spread your branches wide.

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