so many.

So many lights. So many people.

Do you ever feel the weight of it? There are thousands and thousands of people out there. Each one has a life full of struggle, joy, love, pain, passion, disappointment, happiness, tears… So much. Repeated over and over again nearly into the infinite.

It makes you stop and think. You are not alone in anything you do or feel or wish. Somebody out there has felt, is feeling, or will feel the same. We are all part of a much greater whole.

Everything we will ever experience, and everything we have known is part of that whole. It has all happened in a brief flash of time on a tiny little planet floating through an incomprehensibly vast universe. Always changing and always the same.

It’s maybe a difficult idea to come to terms with, but if you really embrace that thought, you accept that your current problems or worries are practically non-existent at that scale.

We are part of each other, and we are all part of the life on this little blue dot.

Maybe someday we can start treating the planet and the people on it that way… As good or bad as we treat ourselves.

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