the animals.


Human beings are the only species that can be truly homeless.

Sure there are “homeless” dogs, cats, chimps, owls, and a myriad of other creatures out there, but only because we say they are. I’m pretty sure they don’t think of themselves that way. They just think “this is how and where I currently live.” …if they think of such things at all, which I doubt.

So why? Why is it that we can be homeless? I guess it’s just because we choose to see ourselves that way, and we further choose to allow ourselves to stay in one situation or another.

Could we move? Sure! Could we find a way to be more prosperous in the place that we are in? Yes. Yes we could.

Maybe it’s because humans are the only species that have no limit on caring for the weak, vulnerable, or sick, and at the same time, we are the only species that is perfectly comfortable allowing others to do this for us.

Other species care for the weak, but when it is clear that there is no hope for improvement, and that the individual has become a dangerous burden to the group, nature is given leave to take its course. Likewise, other species allow themselves to be cared for, but if that care is gone (or often even when it’s still present) they will do the best they can to ensure their own survival.

I’m not advocating a lack of compassion, or a need to turn our backs on people who are by whatever cause, without the means to live comfortably. I just think that we could solve so many more problems if we’d just look at them a little differently.

Sometimes we need to see the world more simply, and learn a lesson or two from the animals that we pretend are so far beneath us.

Maybe common sense is for the birds.

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