Lights out! Oh no!

Imagine a world unplugged. It’s really hard to do. So much would change. No Internet. No computers. No phones. No radio. No music unless it’s live or on vinyl. No light at night unless it’s fire. No refrigeration. No heat unless it’s fire. Whoa. Our world would be utterly different.

But would it be worse, or would it actually somehow be better?

I think a little of both. The lack of access to information and the inability for long-term communication would be bad.

The refocus on the simple things, and the re-prioritizing of of our lives wouldn’t be so bad. We’d stop worrying about whether that Gucci bag is real, or if our smart phone is the latest and greatest, and we’ll start thinking about how to feed everybody and keep them healthy.

We’d learn to talk to each other again without a device in between. We’d start caring about the people around us more than the television or celebrity of the moment.

Let’s start practicing now just in case.

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