No. No, no, no. No-no. No!

Have you ever thought about how many times a day we see or hear that word? No? So many times.

Why are we all so obsessed with the negative? I’m not suggesting we abolish it completely – the word no certainly has its place – but can’t we be a bit more judicious in how and when we use it?

No is absolute. It is authoritative. It is often intended to shut down hope. It is a rule… And maybe that’s my problem with it. For some, rules are to create order and maintain peace and harmony. To me rules are more often senseless dogma. They are meant to assert control and strengthen authority. They are black and white, and they tell us not to consider the possibilities in between. They are static convention. I say they’re often meant to be defied, questioned, and sometimes broken. I guess you could say there’s a bit of anarchist in me, but if you look back you could say that about anybody who changed the world for the better.

They didn’t accept no for an answer no matter how many times it was said to them. They fought no with why, and they ultimately won…

So the next time you have “no” on your lips, slow down… Ask yourself, “Why not?” Maybe your answer will come out differently…And the next time you’re told “no” don’t give up. Ask, “Why not?”

Maybe you’ll change the world.

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