heavy hearts.

sometimes we take on the heaviest of hearts. we wear our knees week till we can no longer walk, till our spines are crooked & we sink further & further into the soil, forcing ourselves to hide. why do we let our hearts get so heavy? why do we insist on carrying loads that are simply too much? cleanse. we must cleanse. we must purge our hearts of their heaviness. how do we do this? it seems so simple but it can be so hard. it takes time & it takes concentration. it takes silence & sometimes it takes screams. it can be done. where to, where to start? step one, breathe deep (inhale/exhale). let it go, let it go, let it go. now we can start. start by sitting in silence, bathed in the sunlight or in the moonlight. let that light fill you & let it wash you. maybe hold a token of sorts: a crystal, a note, something that soothes you. continue to breathe. continue to let the weight go. sit there for a minute, for an hour, for however long it takes for your knees to feel stronger & your spine to feel straighter. now this is just the first part. there is more work to be done. next you must think of a cathartic activity. perhaps this is writing, or painting, or hiking, or cleaning. now that you are feeling a little lighter it’s time for this cathartic activity. invest time into it. invest your soul into it. you must put fourth the effort to really be able to cleanse yourself. when you are done with this activity you are ready for the final step, a warm bath. let yourself sink into the water as your body & soul become weightless. the water washes over you & cleanses all the negative energy fro you. breathe deep. let the heat from the water warm your lungs & loosen your muscles. let the water heal you. let go, let go, let go. when your fingers turn to prunes & your water turns cool stand up, slowly. be aware of all your muscles & bones readjusting to your lightness. stretch your arms & spine towards the sky. you are weightless. you are free.

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