as surely as the sun & the moon rise, you deserve the world. from the tips of your toes to the hair that shines like a halo around your head, you deserve better. you deserve to be happy, you deserve to feel full. we strive for lightness, for fullness, for life in our every day existence but some days we forget that in order to achieve these things we must be present in ourselves. we cannot simple watch the world exist around us & expect to achieve these things. it’s time to step up, to be an active participant in your life. you hold the pen to a story without an ending. there is no eraser but there are endless pages to write & rewrite. you deserve the life you only dream of living, & you can make that happen for yourself if you just start putting actions to your thoughts & run like mad towards your wildest dreams. but babies, remember, be kind. always be kind.

2 thoughts on “achieve.

  1. You can’t seem understand that I won’t stop loving this, and you. Happy Sunday Day.

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