ocean to ocean (love letter)

happy birthday, baby girl!!!
i’m sitting at my white desk, looking at the blue blue blue winter sky. it hasn’t rained here for months, 
the days have always been bright and crisp cold. 
it makes me think of you because i know how you’d love to face the sunlight embracing you 
every morning. 
you were born in winter, but on the bending road that will take us to sprouting seeds & flower blossom days ahead: 
spring. not long enough.
like that day we were lying on the grass, 
making flower crowns with our young hands, 
feeling the soft & shy winter/spring sun gently 
touching each & every inch of our skin.
[seizing memories as the most valuable treasures . . .]
i saw the photos of yr big, big, big smile with yr boy & it made my heart swell. 
you deserve smiles like those every single day.
another year of battles won . . . fighting the fight, 
warrior warrior, you made it through!!!
growing more beautiful &
strong with each passing day. i am so proud of you.
k., you know you have me always. 
i want an entire lifetime of building memories with you. 
always here, always near,
& never apart.
you’re one of the most beautiful human beings i’ve ever met, inside & out, 
& for yr birthday 
(& every other day of the year)
i wish you could see yrself through 
my eyes. 
through the eyes of every single people you’ve touched, 
through wires and cables & satellites up up up in the air,
or here on earth– 
yr beautiful & wonderful family, yr friends, c. . . .
we all see you as you truly are, not as yr mind sometimes wants to deceive you: a twisted lie.
we see you glowing. & that’s what you are: 
light for all of those who come across yr path.
i am thankful for you. every day.
i love you i love i love you.
(from portugal with love)