new cities.

break routine. find the little things that you do love. make a list of the the things you hate about the city. then write out their opposite (things you would love!). go on adventures, day by day to find the places in your city where those good things do exist. hopefully this can help you see that it’s not all bad, and there is good everywhere. build a fort and spend the day inside. get comfy because you’ll spend the day: drinking wine from the bottle. painting your face. snuggling up with your favorite, favorite book. what’s your favorite cuisine? find somewhere you’ve never been that serves this type of food and take yourself on a fancy date for an amazing meal. partner optional. remind yourself that nothing is permanent. when i’m in a tough situation, i ask myself “can i do this for a week?” to which i reply “fuck yeah. i can do anything for a week.” stick it out week by week, and if it gets too much to bear, then you’re allowed to do what it takes to make it better (i’m assuming you won’t want to leave your program, but maybe it would mean leaving?) actively ask yourself, “what would make things better right now?” (within the confines of what you can reasonably provide for yourself) and make that happen! paint your room. change your sheets. cut your hair. get a new piercing. remember that you love yourself, always.



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