two halves.

despite the aggrandized visions
i had when i was young
love doesn’t fix everything
just because i am loved
and i love in return
it doesn’t mean life is bliss
i’m not cured of my
and history
i still hate my body
i still question my worth
i still have breakdowns
he loves me
so obviously there’s something admirable here
something only he can see
the thing about being loved is
that he tells me i’m beautiful
and curvy
and how my body feels right
under his hands
and when i’m curled up beside him
he tells me i’m artistic
and resilient
he tells me it’ll all be okay
when i break down
when i cry
and when i withdraw into myself
sometimes i roll my eyes
sometimes i try to believe
love is just love
love doesn’t fix everything
but as it turns out
it’s a process
that slowly pounds the dents out
there will always be residual damage
from life beating the hell out of me
but slowly it will churn out a new being
a being that is not a sole person
but two halves that
together are perfect in each other
-Kristie Forzese, Utah



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