A Letter to You, Human

as seen on the book of faces:


“Dear Human,

If I am leaving you this message, it is because at some point or another you have made a difference in my life. Something you have posted, picture or otherwise, has helped me get one step towards my goal in becoming who I want to be. It has helped me cheer up when I was feeling blue. It has made me realize that I can love myself. I can only hope that somehow, I secretly have done the same for you, too. My goal is to eliminate self-hate as much as I possibly can, whether I am lurking in the backgrounds or outright speaking. My goal is to make sure that you don’t beat yourself down, just so others can beat you down, too. Right now, my voice is subliminal, because I need you. 

I need you to know some very important things: 

That you are not alone. The struggles you are facing, someone else in this world has faced them, too. And you need not be ashamed of ANY trouble you are facing. Because if you are ashamed, you cannot fight.

That you are a gorgeous person. Male or female, your heart is there beating inside of your chest for a chance to do the right thing. For a chance to love yourself, and be loved in return. For a chance to let yourself love other people to the best of your ability. On the outside, male or female, we have eyes, ears, noses… Actually, you know what? Some of us DON’T. Some of us have been burned to extremities that we are no longer noticable, we were blown away in a war, or maybe at birth we were born with deformalities. I am here to let you know that I would kiss the cheek of any person just the same, without fear, without cringing. I would look them, you, everyone, straight in their eyes and tell them that they are a gorgeous person. Not just on the inside, but out. 

I need you to tell yourself today, just for today; maybe just for 20 minutes. Tell yourself and know that you are beautiful. Just for today, don’t criticize yourself so harshly. Just for this one day, out of the 365 days in a year that we have, do not punish yourself. Because I don’t want any one else punishing you. Just for today, know that today, it’s alright. Because we are breathing. And even if he doesn’t like you or feel the same way, even if your parents hit you with words or otherwise, even if your in the same pattern of every day life and it’s getting boring, just know… you are breathing for a reason. Even if that reason is you’re helping me get through my struggles.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Maybe one day, my messages won’t be subliminal. But know that I love you and you are a GOOD human. Know these things today.”

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