night swimming.

on late summer nights we drink moon shine in that perfect little pond we found in woods behind your house. we light up the dock with the lanterns we brought. did you know there was a full moon? there is the familiar magic in the air that dances on your skin on nights like these. there is the familiar chill on your toes as you sink yourself further into the water; into the dark. a fish swims under a foot & everyone runs out of the water. what could that be?! everyone runs from the dock as their skin dries quickly-a warm summer’s night. the light attracts moths, they are a bright white. the flutter in the light of the moon. full & bright. everything seems to light up the sky. you can see the powder on the moth’s wings. you can see the pattern in their wings. you can feel the electricity of the night. you thank mother moon for the magic she brings. you thank mother moon, for everything.

2 thoughts on “night swimming.

  1. thankyou for yar, and for being back, and for making me smile. this website has been my salvation far too many times and for that, i’m so thankful.

  2. On a whim I visited this website for the first time in a long while yesterday. I read this piece last night before going to bed and it definitely helped my mind calm down, thanks yar.

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