don’t be frightened.

there are water, there are submarines. they hide hoping not to be seen. they sink, sink, sink. there is air, there are planes. they fly, waiting to go somewhere. destination unknown. there are boats which float & carry people-one place to the next. what’s next? the earth-constantly spinning, constantly changing. every second there is something new. every second there are deaths, there are birthdays. celebration & mourning. celebrate mourning? the deep blue see; endless possibility. the worlds we’ll never know. not now, not now. deep, deep deep. outer space, we’re out of our space. sound waves, meteors & what is that light? drink the stars, dipped into the milky way. oh which way? humans, animals, fishes, & beyond. they all equal out to be the same. there are submarines, there are planes, there are boats, the unexplained. which way? which way? which thing will win? earthquakes, plane crashes. meteors, sinking ships. everything will end some day. it will happen. it will happen. don’t be frightened.

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