feel good revolution.

dear feel good revolution,
i can’t quite explain why it’s taken me over two years to mail these photos, since this letter is my most prized possession. i can still remember seeing the colorful envelope in my mailbox & holding my breath as i read every word. i keep it framed by my bedside, so that it is the first thing i see every morning.
i am so thankful for you & the community you have built for bringing this letter my way.
lovelovelove, kelly koenig
(see photos here)

One thought on “feel good revolution.

  1. To the person who sent me a letter,

    I am still fighting the good fight, going to the gym and eating healthy. For what its worth, those words made a difference, and reminded me that there will be times when the battle seems to big and its okay to ask for support. Even if there are no “big” weight loss changes. The every-day battle is still a big one, still worthy of asking for support.

    Much Love to the feel good revolution.
    -Amber, Florida.

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