an email.

from a favourite confidant.
i miss you in the muteness of snowy winter mornings. i miss you in the absence of space between words that are spilled out of blitzed mouths, brains. i miss you here, on my chest and here, on my fingertips. i miss you in the hollow of my/our bones,the ones that resonate sadness, and silence.
i miss you in silence. you’re always always always in my life. you’re my constant.  i picture you smiling with old friends, with new friends, i picture you having your heart beating on someone else’s hands. i picture you crying, not being able to cry, digging into your skin,  i try to send you cosmic thoughts: be kind to yourself, be kind to yoursef… and then i realize what a creep i am for thinking all of these thoughts. and then i realize that it’s love.


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