reader contribution.

There comes a time when you’re so absolutely, irrevocably consumed by everything occurring around you. How can we see the light at the end of the tunnel if we’ve not yet recognized the tunnel we alone have built? And not just current events, but the epic whirlpool of past & future: feelings, circumstances and decisions already made & long passed; and possible, potential decisions, failures, triumphs which may or may not ever occur. And where do we go when all of this seems just too frightening? To what cave do we crawl to shut our tiny eyes against the maelstrom – pulling over ourselves the familiar cloak of mildly consoling distraction against the storm of fear. Often we seek familiar patterns of escapism to avoid reminding ourselves we’ve given in to fear once more. Because that’s all it boils down to, right? Fear, or love. Every thought, word, deed, emotion, once stripped of all the complication, essentially stems from either Love or Fear. And so we have a choice, as always. That choice is our only true freedom. The choice to fear, to retreat, to allow ourselves to be pulled down that egoic whirlpool – the chorus of voices in our minds, echoing how small you are; how useless, telling you you’ve already failed at The Real Thing, and who do you think you are for even trying?

Or, we can be bold. We can surrender to Love only.

We can realise those voices are not us. In this single, precious, fleeting moment – the space between breaths, this quiet awareness – there is only Love, really. Choose instead to be brave. Choose to be right here. Choose the kindest action, the kindest word. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Regardless of what’s happened before, or what you fear may happen at some unknown point in time. Above all else, let the love consume you. Let it creep into the darkest corners of yourself; let it flow through you into everything you do.

And know that you, little one, are loved.


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