what to do when you’re “lost”.

clean yourr room. recreate order in your life. TAKE A DEEP BREATH & THEN ANOTHER. if yourr heart’s still pounding drink some water. chant om namah shiva & imagine a diamond of white light ( longer on one side) coming out of your chest. i write or do your school work in an attempts to completely immerse yourself in something other than yourself. mostly– get your head out of the gutter! learn to acknowledge & realize what is making you sad, why it is making you sad & what you need & go from there. realize that endlessly chattering & complaining is probably only rationalizing. if you feel a weird thought come up listen to it. it’s so bad to deny what your brain is telling you. honesty, honesty, honesty. if nothing else, sit along in your dark room with the curtains drawn, under your sheets & cry.  if you’re cleaning your room or sitting around or just living & something wells up inside of you & needs out, let it flow baby. be angry. go running. be sad & quiet. be happy, be determined. be everything.

3 thoughts on “what to do when you’re “lost”.

  1. This is like totally what I feel sometimes. Whenever I’m upset or feeling something I let it out, whether it’s crying or laughing or sometimes screaming into my pillow, I let it out. I tried explaining it to my dad- he didn’t understand.

  2. Noone will ever understand the pain
    because everybodies pain is different
    occupy your self im trying to, i will breathe again
    but i wont love, when your broken and dead inside its time to give up
    on the fact that something will never happen and move on.
    “Burn it all down, till the embers smoke on the ground. And start new when your heart is an empty room”

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