all the secrets will now be posted on the secret page from now on.

One thought on “secrets.

  1. My secret? My secret is not so much a secret as it is just something that I try to hide. I try my hardest to cover it up. I think in the same way that people try to hide their guilty pleasures, I try to hide my stutter.

    So, it’s not really a secret I guess. But I suppose what IS a secret is the shame that I feel. I have gotten a lot better at being kind to myself about it. About loving myself when the shame feels like too big of a burden, when I used to just bury bury bury deeper and deeper and deeper.

    There is beauty and freedom in accepting ourselves as we are. My stutter is something that I will always have to work at accepting. It is my greatest teacher.

    Hmm. Maybe the secret here is that I secretly admire the damn stammer. For teaching me about life. For showing me who I am. For giving me, me.

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