fall semester.

what would you like to see more of on you are remarkable?

9 thoughts on “fall semester.

  1. beautiful quotes and eye-opening texts. texts that make me feel beautiful, texts that make me miss my boyfriend a little less. please. i really, truly need it.

  2. I’m kind of in agreement. The quotes you post are always awesome! This one was my fav…

    “We can paint the walls with laughter
    and everything will be all right.
    Right now is right now.
    Please don’t worry about before or after.

    A boy walking home from elementary school once said “I’ve got big plans,” and I said to him, “Only today, only today.”

    Seize the footpaths for those palegolden mornings. Fill your lungs to burst with cold fresh air.

    We’re alive. Let’s just remind ourselves that, little bits at a time.”

  3. I feel like we need more of a variety of inspiration. I’ve been enjoying the stream of secrets, but I miss the quotes and photos and little prose stories. For me personally, that was more what I think of when I think of this website and that’s what made me fall in love with you guys and visit all the time. Even little uplifting entries would be nice. And maybe like you do with the secrets, have other people send in what inspires them, what cheers them up and what makes them feel remarkable and strong and beautiful and loved (quotes, book titles, poetry, artists, photos, etc).

  4. quotes, inspiration the secrets aren’t very inspiring… But i do love this site it is amazing! I think you should post every day because it would be fun to get home after a long day and get inspired!

  5. The inspiring stories and passages that you post are just great, and I’d love to see more of them. One of my favorites is the one with “you’re doing a great job and never ever stop.” It’s on the wall of my tiny cubicle, and I read it whenever I’m feeling down at work. Could we also have more opportunies to write letters to people?

  6. I agree! although at first the secrets were intriguing…more so lately they keep me sad/down/make me sad for whomever is experiencing it. 😦

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